• Getting your MoJo back
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Getting your MoJo back
on: May 03, 2019, 14:05:55

The real title is "Why Some Musicians Lose Their Passion And How To Get It Back"   I'm not sure I totally agree with the blogger as to why people stop making music. For example I always knew I needed a "day job" - kind of the reality of economics  - but I've never stopped writing and making music even all the years there was nobody to listen except me.
The open mic night I was playing at closed (again economic reasons) but there is still SoundCloud.


Re: Getting your MoJo back
Reply #1 on: May 03, 2019, 17:30:57
Good read, Vince. I can relate to this. After playing in bands and solo acoustic stuff as a youth and a young man I pretty much lost the spark when I hit 30. For almost ten years my guitar was nothing but a case queen as I languished in a non-musical existence.

My mojo came back in the form of a Tascam 424 cassette deck. Recording set me back on fire in the early 90's and I have never looked back.

I'd love to hear some other stories of folks who lost the mojo and then re-kindled that spark as I did.

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Re: Getting your MoJo back
Reply #2 on: May 04, 2019, 13:52:23
Hi @Vince  … this is a pretty good article … the intention, is of course, to sell people something. Convince people to keep making music so that they can keep supporting Reverbnation. But, hey, convincing people to make music is a good thing!  :)

"If you make music, you are inviting disappointment into your life in some form." - that's pretty good.

"But the truth is that when musicians lose their passion, the world loses something as well. Individual musicians lose a vital creative outlet and the rest of us lose the music they would’ve made if they wouldn’t have quit." - this is very good!

I can only speak about my own geographic area which I believe to be somewhat different than other parts.

Re: open mic night - Unfortunately places that are popular don't need open mics. Heck, if a place is popular they don't even need live music. At these "end of the road" kind of places where they are counting on musicians to bring people it is just not sustainable. Melissa and I have been running one out of the goodness of our hearts and even then....

Re: Music Mojo - I completely burned out. Even to this day I keep trying to quit …. but I can't. Playing the wedding & corporate stuff was so excruciating. Hours and hours of driving and setup and some nights I'd barely play a note after all of that ( other musicians would say this is awesome because we are getting paid to do nothing …. But, I don't want to do nothing!). Drive there. Set up. Put on a tuxedo. Wait. Hold the saxophone. Get paid. Break down. Go home. - all the while I'm missing my son's life. He gets to high school and I realize that this needs to stop. >:(
Playing the keys, writing songs, playing music with my wife and son makes me happy most of the time. I really like to be the background. I like to accompany others and I especially like to play multiple instruments at a time ( bass with the left hand, piano, strings, guitar, synth with the right) while arranging the songs in my own way. I like to play things the way I want to and never any desire to do a "tribute" to any note for note recording.  :)
To this day I hate what the saxophone stands for. I occasionally … very occasionally... will still play for a friend if they need me to.  :yes:
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Re: Getting your MoJo back
Reply #3 on: May 04, 2019, 14:50:37
" the intention, is of course, to sell people something"  @Bill from November Sound   That is the thing about Reverbnation - they have found a way to make money with music :)  . You can have a  free membership  , or you can pay for a better service like SoundCloud but more expensive.

A song "Everything is Free Now" by Gillian Welsh has a great line imo "I was gonna do it anyway even if it doesn't pay"  originally written about Napster.

The internet and SC and such sites  and forums as this have opened up possibilities, finely their is a way to listen to music that no one would  be able to  listen to.  Also, meet like minded people you would never have met.


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