• If you'd like me to listen to your song...
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If you'd like me to listen to your song...
on: August 25, 2016, 03:38:13
comment a link here and I shall be more than happy to listen and give all of you talented songwriters my best feedback!  ::headphone::

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Re: If you'd like me to listen to your song...
Reply #1 on: August 25, 2016, 09:15:46
Hi @Joanna Thompson

Every single thread in this section is dedicated to a special song. The links to the songs are each provided in the opening posts, together with the lyrics and (sometimes) some background information. Every single songwriter would like you to listen and give your feedback. There's no need to ask for an invitation. ;)


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Re: If you'd like me to listen to your song...
Reply #2 on: August 25, 2016, 12:18:39
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Hi @Joanna Thompson , the board 'Songs for Review' is for posting Songs only. I've moved this thread to the 'Life' section.
Btw, as @Mark Luto says, no need to invite kitcheners to submit a song to you, every kitchener in the Songs for Review section will love their songs be reviewed by any kitchener(including you  ;) ;))
I'm proud of this track, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/martimedia/dreams

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