• long story short, made very short (yet... a true story)
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i just typed a long story made short

and then my post got lost... :P

so here is the short version...it is spooky

we made this song a while ago

on a atari 1040 ST with one of the first version of cubase

but to keep it short..

we recorded the song
lyrics were by us about being a bit depressed and burned out
next day..
i went out to film the video with the pink barbie cam from our daughter (you can see the quality)
and thought, let go for an environmental feel good, and against poluting factories..etc video with low quality
i upload this not very succesfull song and video on you tube

and then.....next day
i am drving home and there is this extreme plume of smoke over the highway
roads get blocked, stay inside etc....all the media, even BBC having the footage live
the explosions were atomic bomb shaped..well they were..

so, it turns out, the factory (the massive white building) that is in my video, is blowing up, and burning for two days..the environment got completely fu%4ed around here

all kinds of illegal chemical productions and deliveries etc where done from this factory
SO I am at home, with the windows closed....as they say we have to...and realise...

i just uploaded images from that factory the night before, taken by a barbie cam
i realise the chorus of the song is: "Burned out, poke that fire even higher etc...."

and realise, i could be in serious trouble like..getting taken for questioning etc...

so i decided to take that video down...i thought i had to, just for good tatste...and hoping that would not even get me into more suspiscion
even now listening at the lyrics combined with that factory in the images, considering i released that video the night before that factory burned down, and subsequently blew up

is weird

you ever had an experience like this with a song? that the song / the lyrics happen sort of while you made them up??

no, i am ok, thank you, but this one was weird, here is the you tube entry

oh, and this was the very short version of it  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D, thank god for that, but it was really weird how the images and the lyrics coincided with that
me, myself, and Pie

Re: long story short, made very short (yet... a true story)
Reply #1 on: February 18, 2014, 21:34:46
Good stuff DB, really good for a clockwork computer and a toy camera  :D

Quite poignant what with the actually fire and all.. I can see why you were worried, it could be interpreted wrongly.

Good vocals from mrs DB too, well done :)

I can't think of any such scenarios in my writing...

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