• Making A Living Through Production Music Is A Possibility!!??
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Hi guys,

So... I really didn't want to share this info with everybody else for very obvious reasons(which you will find out as soon as you dive deeper into these videos). However, it would be hypocritical of me to not pass on this information freely, just as it was freely given to me.

So here goes:

I just wanted to share a couple of links I came across on youtube. I happened to stumble upon them by chance and I'm seriously considering signing up for their courses/mentorship programs.

If you are like me and are looking for ways to make a living from what you love doing - produce music - then one or both of these courses might be a great way for you to go about it.

If you have doubts about these courses, then please don't sign up for it. This is a HUGE investment to make in yourself, so please don't sign up if you are not 110% sure that this is worth your time and hard earned money!

Peace and good luck to us all(lol),


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interesting idea. Keep us posted on what you learn.
Two years ago I enjoyed the free course (MOOC) from the Berklee College of Music.
Learned a lot
recommending https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_Music_Works "How music works", book by David Byrne.

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Thanks for that info, Dick! I'm already looking into it.

Time is the most valuable resource in the world for us all and I think having a mentor can really help me apply my time more efficiently.

I will make sure to keep you guys updated on how the mentorship program goes.


  Hi  @ImKeN ,
I'm often very skeptical about these things. They are often scams that prey on the hopes and dreams of would be musicians, writers and composers. I think that @Dara does get these kind of jobs writing for video games etc... maybe ask @Dara  to check on this?
Best wishes and good luck!
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Hmmm... The pitch is very sales orientated, with the selection of language used and such.  If it's free though I don't see how it could hurt.  As long as it doesn't affect your wallet :)   

Music licensing is no secret, it's about submitting your music to music libraries for use in commercials, tv, radio, and everything in between.  In order to make the most of it you will need to register with a royalty collection society.  There are a lot of libraries out there, and if you want to get into this I would recommend signing up to TheLibraryReport.com for a month.  (But only if you have a ton of tracks in your catalogue) Take in and note as much information as you can.   

TMR is a community with a ton of successful songwriters.  They essentially report on good and bad libraries, which ones are selling more and which to avoid.  There is a lot of free information for people getting started.  I sign-up to their service at least once a year when on offer, this usually lasts for a month, but during that time I note down everything I need, were to place, pull my from music from and such.  I would only recommend signing up if you have over 50 songs in your catalogue, otherwise it will be a waste of money.  In saying that if you're just getting started, I would recommend browsing all the free information that is available.   

Royalty Collection Societies
Some of the societies have perks like Sentric music which shows the latest sync opportunities.  This is mostly music supervisors that are in need of fresh music, they post a brief of what they're looking for; and you have a timeframe to submit a track with a chance of being placed.  Most of the time the money made from the library alone isn't great, that's why we rely on royalty collection societies, this makes it worth our time submitting to libraries in the first place.   

Some libraries for getting started:
I would recommend trying to get a song placed through AudioJungle, i'm not their biggest advocate, but getting a song placed would mean your production skills are up to scratch, they also have a nice community forum which will help you improve your production skills if music has been rejected.

Pond 5 - They accept a lot of music, and to my surprise I have found success there by selling songs that have been rejected from other libraries.  This is something to consider, each library can be unique in what they will accept, what's rejected from one could be desirable for another. 

Musicsupervisors.com - Super friendly staff, a placement from these guys will go down a treat in both sale and royalty collection :)

Crucial Music - Hard to get music accepted, but once a song is accepted, there is a high possibility for music placement.  Big sale on music and royalty collection :)

If you would like to be involved in the process and pitching, then music gateway is awesome too. 

Good luck.


I take back what I said about Music Gateway, I meant to write Music X-Ray incase anyone goes to Music Gateway I don't you want you getting messed around.  Music Xray = Good  | Music Gateway = Bad.   

I spent some time (and some $$$) on Music XRay a number of years ago. I had some extra cash and It figured that might be a way to take my shot. I had lots of songs selected by certain of their professionals and i got a lot of very positive feedback....but nothing ever placed.

They were honest about my lack of commercial appeal but they definitely wanted me to keep spending my money on submittals. These places are definitely in the game to make a profit.
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It can be cut throat that's for sure, but at least there can be success there if the material is right, unlike music gateway which has little to no success stories.  Some members on gearslutz have done extremely well on Music X-Ray. 

Sentric music is pretty great for having access to sync opportunities without having to pay a penny.  Audiodraft is supposed to be on the right track by providing something different, I haven't had a chance to test it out myself yet, but it's on my to do list @Leonard Scaper .     


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i think it is important to not pay money for sites like this

because that will inevitably lead to the growth of fake and fraudulent publisher sites in the long (and actually the very short) run

the same is true for songwriter contest sites, for which you have to pay to enter....

they are just cashing operations
all of them
 ::headphone:: 8) 8) 8)

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Yeah welcome to an unfortunately old age debate @Dutchbeat , there are legitimate companies and there are those that aren't.  Those shitty we will review your music are the worst, or we will interview you for a price, like seriously!

In regards licensing if you want to be in full control of the publishing, and retain 100% of the mater copyright and royalties, then unless you know people, this is one way to go about doing it.  The bad news; your music is in competition with others, and you could quickly see yourself throwing cash down the toilet.

Why do they take advantage of musicians?
There reasoning is to weasel out and limit submissions for there curators to review. It's also how they make money which is a bleak way to go about things.  Also a lot of pusblishers submit their own tracks, which is also bleak because they have acess to a catalogue of music and can submit a shit ton of their own tracks that match the brief.   

The good news is there are plenty of variations in music libraries that take some sort percentage of your earnings for placements and licensing through royalties and track sale.  I would recommend those all day,because it costs you nothing,  and if you're seeing a good return with your earnings, then it can become a good idea to try for a big sync, one really good sync is pretty much half a years salary or more. 

 I think we can all agree that the general advice is to not submit music to these sites.  Chances are too slim that your music will be used.  In the other hand if you're seeing healthy returns through your music, I don't see a problem in investing a little in these sync opportunities every now and again.  I understand why others will disagree.  Expectations need to be managed. 

there can be success there if the material is right

This is the bottom line.

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