• My soundcloud stream is almost un-listenable
  • Started by Bill from November Sound
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My soundcloud stream is almost un-listenable
on: March 27, 2021, 14:46:06
When I open up soundcloud and press play.
It is a horror show.

I don't know what happened. It never used to be like this. It has devolved so much in the past year!
Tracks that last for hours sometimes of just this minimal and repetitive music. And, it is not real minimalism in the cool Ligeti and Reich sense.... just horribly basic stuff.
Mostly instrumentals .... but usually without any real instruments.
Then when songs do have vocals either completely weird out of tune stuff or purchased vocal pack vst or sample kind of things.
Just music that drones on and on. No verse, no chorus, no build, no bridge ... nothing ... or occasionally very poor attempts at something.

What is going on?

Anyone else have this problem?

My only choice is to go to the page of someone I know and listen or go to a few people who I trust with well-curated repost accounts.
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Re: My soundcloud stream is almost un-listenable
Reply #1 on: March 28, 2021, 05:09:11
It’s sort of always been like that, in my experience... maybe it’s getting worse, but I wouldn’t know as I gave up trying SoundCloud streaming long ago.

I explore followers of people I follow and  I don’t stream them, unless maybe an album. I hit stop in the last few seconds of whatever I listened to... so I can catch my breath and think about what I want to listen too next.

Pandora does a decent job of streaming based on a track or an artist. I’m just getting to know Spotify... too many ads and I really don’t listen enough to make paying for the service make sense.

I like FM  radio... and lately the Mrs. an I have been going through the old cassette tape collection.  Very nostalgic... not just the music but that cassette-on-a-boom-box sound. We have a fairly awesome collection. It’s fun ...

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Re: My soundcloud stream is almost un-listenable
Reply #2 on: April 05, 2021, 12:33:32
@Bill from November Sound  - agreed with @1roomstudio   - I never listened to soundcloud as a  stream from their algorithm.I make my own playlists of musicians I am interested in, and listen to that. I skip reposts and concentrate on new uploads. Soundcloud is nice for contacting fellow musicians, and following acts that I first heard on radio, read bout in magazines, or heard on television.
Spotify seems to have a much more refined algorithm, but even then, the danger of tunnelvision is a real one. The trick is to keep one''s eclecticism as random as possible.

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