• no filmclips of cute cats..but..is working from home possible... with cats?
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just wondering? do other Kitchenauts with cats have this too

that cats just don't give a ....about anything, and the working from home covid situation..in particular

they miauw (constantly)....during online meetings....and they even, well some of them..., try to go sleep on you keyboard  ::) ::) while Zooming, Skyping etc.

sounds familiar?

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I do not have a cat @Dutchbeat  ... perhaps I could borrow yours?   ???
I'm Bill and I'm just a normal guy.

After years of playing with other people's pets @Dutchbeat  we got our first dog from a shelter. He's a little one and is very well trained. He sits at my wife's feet while she is working and is a good companion for he while she is dealing with all the BS that I'm sure other companies are going through right now making decisions on restructuring and other nasty things in this new age.

I take it as a sign that she is ready to settle down,  as for cats ..... I'll never understand them

New song to do with cats and dodge ball, and puzzles.

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'Sweet Tequila' - Layerson's Cats Song!

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first kitchen summit filmclips!!!

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filmclips smuggled from the administrators' bootcamp (part 1)

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some more filmclips from the summit (clips for scene 2, from part 4)

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