• number page views...does that number matter?
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number page views...does that number matter?
on: August 31, 2019, 18:30:39
« Last Edit: August 31, 2019, 18:49:34 by Dutchbeat »
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D i want to share some statistics of the kitchen forum, just because they sound good to me  ;D ;D ;D

the total number of views of the songwriters in the kitchen forum in 2016 was:  854.662
in 2017, the number of page views had risen to: 2.510.527  :o :o :o :o :o :o 2.5 million  :o :o :o
in 2018, the number of page views of the forum was: 2.860.430

and for this year until now (end of August), the number of views is: 2.292.562, so the total number of 2019 will probably beat the number of 2018 easily

but my question is....does this number mean anything? or does it just mean that the number of troll and bots increase in cyber space? or that more people bumped into the kitchen page that really, REALLY did not want to be there at all! Their search query simply directed them wrongly and they ended up...in the Songwriters Kitchen ;D ;D ;D :loveit: :loveit: :loveit:..for two seconds? (but welcome anyway  :loveit: :loveit: :loveit: :loveit: :yes: :yes: :shinyteeth: :shinyteeth:)

who knows anything about this? I tried to read something about this and... ??? ::) :P :P i am still  :bonk:...completely in the dark..  ;D ::)... pages like this... :doublebonk: :yawnee:
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Re: number page views...does that number matter?
Reply #1 on: August 31, 2019, 23:25:43
Hi @Dutchbeat , the stats are encouraging. But I used to be paid by companies to make sense of their web stats, as most sites enjoy organic growth if they have a good product or offer, which the Kitchen does.

Other stats I would be looking at are:

1. New visitors v returning visitors
2. Time on site of visitors per visit
3. Number. of page views per visitor over time
4. Number of new members per year
5  Number of retained members
6  Number of lapsed members
7  Number of new topic posts per year
8  Number of average replies per post

...well all that sort of stuff and more. If any one or more of these stats start to fade you can decide if you want to take marketing action. For example, you might be more proactive on Soundcloud, Facebook and YouTube in attracting new members. Or you might do reactivation activity for old members, day by emailing them about a new challenge or something else going on.

On the surface it looks like you are doing just fine, but these are the things that you might also consider to see the whole picture. But congratulations on what you have anyway!

If you like novels with a musical theme, why not try 'Sixth Beatle - When Music Changed The World', easily found on Amazon and Google. It is amazing, although as the author I may be biased!

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