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Yesterday, I read an interview with Joe Jackson. A non punk, emerging with the punk/new wave scene.
He complained about his older work more or less not being available. He meant his A&M records.
And I would agree. I have some 10 albums made by the guy plus a live recording done in Paradiso Amsterdam. And a few CD’s . His A&M catalogue (I think personally) is really worthwhile and maybe even the best he did.

I think that all Dave Clark’s recordings are still available. Being some 15 years older and great fun but musically not half as interesting.
Dave Clark is still one of the best earning artists to come to fame in the English beat invasion.

The difference between Dave and Joe is remarkable. And can only be attributed to contract management.
Dave organized and financed his own recordings which (at the time) he leased to Columbia. He owns the recordings and therefor has full say about what is released and in what form.

What is available of Joe, are some strange ‘greatest hits’ including songs he never had the intention to release.

I found the questions, leading to this thread very interesting. And I am willing to admit maybe I misinterpreted where the questions were going.
But solid contract management is more important than aliases. Unless you want to do a Mr. T. trick and at all cost want to dodge tax payment.

It’s your thread, you are the captain on this ship. If you want to expand your activities, I know what I would give attention to.
Kind regards, Gus

It’s your thread, you are the captain on this ship. If you want to expand your activities, I know what I would give attention to.

I think, @LePlongeur  , I  shall name my ship "The Titanic of Sanity".

Songwriter, Keyboards, Arranger, Producer & Engineer for November Sound

November Sound is based on the Mother, Father & Son musical trio of Melissa, Bill & Will. I'm the father so anything I post will have my wife singing and/or my son playing percussion.

Very cool @Monty Cash Music  you always an interesting way of looking at things!
You too @Timothy Smith !

Maybe it puts limitations on how people see you?

You’ve stirred up a lot of thoughts... and memories, from these kindred spirits @Bill from November Sound

I would ask... how do you see you? Especially in the places you ere playing. Do you enjoy these gigs? The people? The ambiance? Is it fun to play? Is it rewarding? That’s a simple “yes” or “no.

If you are enjoying it and it is rewarding, then I don’t see how it could limit you. If you have better things to do with your time... then ....

I know it all sounds simple and obvious but it’s all about what your goal is... if your goal is playing gigs then... we’ll ... you are already there. If your goal is playing better gigs then maybe there is some value in being selective in what gigs you play... and parley that time into practice... writing, producing, marketing.

Back when I was playing in bands I remember getting more and more gigs... funny thing was.... they weren’t usually better gigs.... just more of them... and further away. It took too much time from what I really loved... writing, and experimenting, learning, producing, and playing for and with other musicians, and their tight circle of fans and loved ones.

My story is rather like @Tolo so I won’t elaborate further.

I think the fact that you asked the question means you are asking permission to do what you already know is the right thing for you... and it’s likely not another gig... a big that’s not better... just further away. 😎

Good stuff @Tolo  @1roomstudio    :thumbsup:   

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