• Invocation - Houria Aļchi & L'Hijāz Car
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Invocation - Houria Aļchi & L'Hijāz Car
on: April 12, 2020, 15:24:03
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I became addicted to this song when living in Skopje in November 2018.

There is so much music in this world, and the west is such a small part of it.

I also admire how this song is so dry mixed. It has such raw elements that hit you in the face constantly. I love this.

The studio owner I was working with at the time, hated this, I used it as a reference of how I wanted Kelebek Evrimi material to sound and he had every criticism for it.

But I love it. This shows there is great subjectivity in mixing techniques and sound preference.

He loved a well trod sound with deep reverbs; equally spaced and depthed.

To me, this mix sounds like it is in my face. I want to be sitting at the camp fire, thinking about apocalypse and listening to this song! haha
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