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So I just thought, sod it
on: May 28, 2014, 21:59:04
...the biggest problem with my lack of inspiration is that I never really had the patience or time to produce my songs properly. The fun for me is in the writing and making of demo's. Let's face it, I'll never be rich and famous so why sweat the small stuff when it comes to 'getting the perfect mix' I was getting so bogged down with computers and fine detail analysis that I lost my way and subsequently lost interest. The fact that I never 'finished' any songs meant that I never shared them any wider than the forums.

Then it hit me... Songs need to be heard or else what is the point in writing them?

That is where my mojo went  :o :o :o

I decided to listen back, find the songs I am most happy with in their raw state (time away from these has helped me judge which songs are good and which are not) and just publish them as they are. Aside from my collabs with Michael (these are on a different level and are part of a bigger plan) I have managed to find three songs that I really like still, ones that don't make me cringe.

Some might call it lazy to not agonise over every minute detail until a song is perfect, I say it's liberating!

Here is the EP, just three songs in two years (not counting collabs)  :D


another 6 years and I'll have a full album's worth  :D :D

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Re: So I just thought, sod it
Reply #1 on: May 29, 2014, 13:54:14
if i'm good is excellent!!!

and that pale bleu dot too!!!

and i am sure you made many more good tracks than three, but if you don't like tweaking and mixing, don't apologise for that, some people love to tweak and others don't

and also remember.....you can always as a fellow kitcheneer or kitchenette to try to produce or add things...

for instance to Dutchbeat....we still haven't succeeded to make a Habi goes Dutch remix.......
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Re: So I just thought, sod it
Reply #2 on: June 02, 2014, 13:55:47
Nice collection, good songs, all of them :)
And I completely agree, "If I'm Good" is fantastic!

a Habi goes Dutch remix.......
That is something I'd be very interested to hear !!

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