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@Monty Cash Music  you are not only authentic.... you are intense! Very impressive that you put all that together in a relatively short piece of time.

I’ll never review all of those links.... some, but not all. Thank you for that effort! :praise:

I mentioned Noam Chomsky. I’ve been a fan off and on for years. Lately a renewed interest.... then this very intense, but always civil, discussion we’ve been having steered me towards watching “Manufacturing Consent” A really well done documentary of the life and philosophy of Chomsky. He speaks much of the ideas you are passionate about... as am I.

There is no doubt much wisdom in your previous post.... too much to take in at one sitting; but I will revisit it.
I really loved this gem of a closing:

Disclaimer: I do not agree 100% with any of the sources I have provided. I do not see a clear representation of the facts in any one source. Only by reading and cross-referencing the same or similar data from many conflicting sources can a real picture of what's going on be deduced.

That is right out of  “Manufacturing Consent” ... I admire your dedication to seeking knowledge and the organized thoughtful manner in which you seek it.

Re: Suggestions for Gypsy Cafe Music!
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I held off reading your reply for a week because I just couldn't handle the potential for conflict for the moment.

So cheers for the positive sentiment, it's refreshing to return and find a small amount of praise in place of the expected derision - as is the common reaction to such unpopular informations.

I did get into Noam when I was living in squats in Sydney eight years ago after having found the 'anarchist' movement after having already lived on the streets around Australia on and off for five years. I agree with Noam's sentiments and his conclusions about society however sometimes I find him a bit long winded as I'm sure you do I as well sometimes. lol

My experience of the group as society as a single entity and as a single functioning cohesive organism is based from a many varied experiences and observations, and is not the ravings of just one more egomaniac trying to be right against a sea of wrong. Seeing humanity fall for trap after trap in the text book of coercion and lies is disheartening. I've come to the conclusion after trying to be 'right' in various political and activist capacities that no one can be 'saved'.

We've all made our decisions a long time ago; part of these decisions is where we have invested our time and what skills we have chosen to develop; and if we have not had conscious involvement in these decisions, part of these decisions is how we have allowed our tacit consent to this world and environment as it is.

I am not 'sold' on this fantastic technological future with microchips and smart devices. We're moving into an age of extreme global tracking and surveillance. All previous rights we took for granted will be taken from us if we do not stand up for them in the right way. A cashless society is not necessary but implemented it guarantees that all money and movement of cash tokens can be monitored and controlled electronically. This means by the banks. The same corrupt institutions that have placed the world into debt via fractional reserve banking methods. 'Germ theory' teams up with Covid-19 to complete and expedite the demonetization of society. Here's an article I wrote this week regarding the tacit consent to globalisation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. https://peakd.com/hive-122315/@montycashmusic/reflections-tacit-consent-to-globalization-through-collective-trauma

This also explains the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrency because this represents an opportunity for a truly decentralized and untrackable global money system owned by no one.

Doing something about this situation requires getting off our arses, to stop watching Netflix and doing our research.

It also involves developing an emotional intelligence that is capable of evading the many arrows designed to bring us down in our quest for the truest truth.

To develop these necessary skills takes time and time quite simply has run out.

The grand-theater-of-wonderland's expiry date has almost arrived and it will appear to run on fine right up until its collapse.

I do not want to be the self-righteous prick at the end of it driveling to the decrepit remains of humanity with the words - 'I told you so'.

I want to be an actual assisting wedge of distrust between the individual and the system and the price of that for now is being scape-goated and pushed into a collection of pre-prepared crazy boxes (whoa! what fun!  :dance:). The system will stop at nothing to protect itself from exposure because its power source quite literally is hidden within its ability to compartmentalize the truth from its subjects.

We live in a version of 'freedom' now. And you can do with that as you please and if you wish, do some serious research and possibly find a semblance of the truth. But this freedom train is almost done. Freedom 2.0 is on its way.

We've got quite a future to look forward to, and to those that commit to a future without totalitarianism, it's a future of hard work and independent reasoning.

Even if society breaks up, the same patterns will develop over and over again in humanity in new communities and new countries all over world. As they do, time and time again. You think this is the first time we've done this 'end of the world on the brink of global totalitarian control' thing? The crux of the issue then was the same as it is today: individual responsibility and the willingness of the individual to face the pain of life alone and just 'deal with it' instead of depending on 'freedom' authored by those that claim to take the pain and responsibility off our shoulders. It is how these hierarchies and global dynastic families have developed, it is through the start of a small seed of dependence on authority in a community which grew and grew into a country and then leaders that assumed power after the previously ones died did not have the same intents, however the power structure of a trust in authority leadership style in society remained. So no matter how altruistic one leader may have been in the past, the structure they set up for the future by maintaining their leadership sets the very people they love up for punishment by a callous leader in the future. A truly altruistic leader teaches its inhabitants the art of state craft and about the law so individuals can take responsibility and responsibility can be safely decentralized.

Most would be willing to face the pain of having an egregious leader than to face the pain of collapsing and reforming society in a responsible way - and having said this, revolutions done right are hard work, every step of the way. It is hard work to avoid repeating the past. I mean look at Cuba or other revolutions in history and the world, nothing really changed, just the positions of power and the people that hold that power.

You think this is the first time humans have found themselves at this edge of the abyss of totalitarianism?

We've got a habit of repeating ourselves and that includes repeating global dynasties that seek to change history to benefit its needs and overarching intent over the people's needs and the intent of a better world for all - it will compromise at nothing, if allowed to do so by the people.

No one is going to hand heaven to us on a platter. Here we are again at a point in history where we have a choice and a chance to make a difference. What direction will the pendulum swing this time around?

The answer is not to get on the street and fight in an angry way (though that might be part of a plan at times) - this action is the use our own reasoning; to develop communities and work together; to develop syndicates and economies independent of global control; to develop independent journalism resilient to demonisation by popular social media. The answer is in standing up as an individual and when many individuals come together and put their efforts into one stream with whatever skill or resource they have, we have an unstoppable force that requires no special technology or leadership, it simply requires our active and honest participation. A better world that is relatively pain free is possible for all - but not without hard work.

So many look at the mess of society and think, what can I do?

Do what you can, speak up with those around you, question everything, make up your own mind about things and be aware of tacit agreements you make on a daily basis in society. Start small and be grateful for the moment you have a choice.

We're living in a war of informations and its time we got down off our entitled western clouds and did something. The cloud worked as a distraction for a while, while there was enough fluff and wind to keep it feeling like it was the only thing that existed but now the problems have gotten so big, they protrude the fuzz, and our willingness to remain ignorant despite what is happening right in front of our faces seals our choices on the side of the apathy. If we don't make an active choice, a choice will be made for us and once we start on the path of true independence, there is no turning back. You can never again see this world as you once did.

All that is left to do is the implementation of a truly altruistic plan not based on a form of totalitarianism.

Hopefully enough of us can ignore the recent and continued triggers on the media and work together on this one. When these triggers create measures for greater control of the individual, the urgency for the implementation of this plan gets much, much stronger as our freedom to work freely and openly dwindles.

Good luck!
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Re: Suggestions for Gypsy Cafe Music!
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I read your post, more than twice, and I read the post you wrote on Peaked (thank you for sharing that.) I’m not going to respond point by point mostly because the discussion has branched (flowered?) past the “is the shutdown worth it?” debate into a more general discussion about the state of the world and what can be done about it.

I am however going to continue the general discussion for now because I’m getting to know a fellow Kitchener better and that is part of the reason for this forum. I will attempt to engage you in the subject of music elsewhere in the Kitchen.

That said, there was this one gem in your post on Peaked:

“To understand this fully it must be recognized that 'objective reality' is an ideal at best. There is no such thing as 'objective' but rather the closest we can come to 'objective data' is through co-subjective agreement. These agreements and the veracity of their data hinges on the abilities of the individuals involved to use common sense and perform rational deduction.”

Well @Monty Cash Music ... that sounds like “Reality is one thing... Perception is everything.” Replace “objective data” with Reality and “co-subjective agreement” with Perception and we are saying the same thing.  It is true that “...the veracity ... hinges on... common sense and ... rational deduction.” In other words, we investigate facts and we form an opinion. (Important to note that it is not the other way round.)

This is Human Nature, which is a Force of Nature... like fire. Both have the ability to destroy and both can be managed for good. So who should manage the Humans? We can resist being managed (the hermit solution) or we can partially resist by going “off the grid.” Put more than two humans together and the natural tendency to “manage” starts right away (ask any band that has broken up, or hasn’t broken up yet!) eventually, through “co-subjective agreement” there is leader. There is no escaping this fact of Human Nature. It is a (so far) successful survival strategy of the species.

There are good leaders and bad leaders. Mostly bad. (It’s a wonder we have survived!) Best way to be remembered as a good leader is to beat a bad one. Both types of leaders start with “co-subjective agreement.” (Let’s shorten this to Agreement.) What is the Agreement? It is the fulfillment of desire to have a better life. Bad leaders eventually resort to coercion. As individuals we should resist coercion. If there are enough of us then society will resist as well and a good leader will support society. We should support leaders who continue to support the Agreement.

By the way, I was not coerced into avoiding infection or infecting others with COVID.  I arrived at that decision through common sense and deductive reasoning. The virus is a fact. We have debated the veracity of the numbers and come to our respective conclusions. These are our opinions. Whether the “coercion” by leaders to shut down the economy is in the over all interest of the Agreement is a legitimate debate. In the end, society will either support those leaders or not. That fact will not change my opinion or my actions... nor, it seems, will it change yours. That is as it should be.

What does the Arc of History show us about the success or failure of Human Nature?    Well... it has been messy to say the least.... (too many bad leaders) but It shows a more or less steady progression in the Agreement being fulfilled. This has been accomplished mainly through two means: Partly by supporting leaders who support the Agreement and partly through use of technology.... starting with fire (some say we stole it from the gods) and the wheel (seems we humans came up with that on our own) and onward through today.

Technology is a double edged sword for sure. The technology is neutral. How we use it is up to us. There is no going back. There is also no guarantee that the future will continue to stumble forward and back with eventual further progress. Environmental collapse and nuclear war are two looming examples of the misuse of technology. Either of those (and more) could spell the end of Humanity.

I’m an optimist (lower case.) Don’t tell me you are a Realist. A “Realist” is a pessimist that won’t admit they can’t predict the future. The few people who admit to being a pessimist are being true to their perception of reality. An optimist is also being true to their perception of reality.

Why am I an optimist? Partly because the Arc of History has shown a tendency to fulfill human desire for a better life (through use of The Agreement and use of technology) and partly because I see everyday that optimists tend to do things and pessimists tend to complain.

Hope to see you elsewhere in the Kitchen.

Re: Suggestions for Gypsy Cafe Music!
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Thanks for your response and for this discussion!

The crux of the issues we have in front of us lay in power struggles that only exist because of a lack of willingness for individual responsibility of the average individual (I avoid the word 'person', because a 'person' in law does not necessarily denote a human physical body with 'rights'). There is no misunderstanding of the statistics on Covid when seen on their own without the flavour of mainstream bias. This is not an opinion. More and more stats are coming up that expose this.

For example,
A new study has found that Sars-Cov-2, the virus linked to Covid19, maybe five times more widespread than previously thought, and therefore five times less deadly.

And while the collective mind is being led in other directions eg recent violent protests, it removes from the public eye this gaping wound that has been created in the minds of people called COVID-19.

This is why when someone like you says, I have come to my own conclusion using rational deduction and we both have our opinions, it exposes that there is a grand bias in your decision making, though you still consider yourself as making an intelligent decision and having engaged in an intelligent debate. (Did I just insult you? That's a risk I'm willing to take).

It's a convenient rational deduction that allows you to safely stay in your box, having to change nothing.

It is proven, the testing ability for COVID-19 is flawed (everyone that is 'infected' must have anti-bodies present in their system but a large percentage do not, meaning they never had Covid = the testing method is inaccurate) the casualty and infection statistics are flawed (assumed deaths and co-morbidities should not mean Covid is recorded as the cause of death), and yet global lock down is justified using these flawed statistics. It is unfortunately the furtherest thing from most people's minds to question their government's motives or even a global motive, and so justify the use of the current narrative to pull everyone in line together as one kind of big happy family experiencing the same trauma of the big bad wolf called Covid together.  Questioning these motives would require individual responsibility.

Even using the flawed statistics there is nothing worse happening than a flu season. And yes, people die of the flu. More people even. I am not being insensitive, I care about people a lot. It's just that since Covid, death within society has only just started to be faced like it's some new thing - and now that there is a well advertised 'pandemic', suddenly we all care about statistics only because its in our faces constantly. The repetition of the urgency of this 'pandemic' has created it as a solid 'truth' in the collective mind.

Covid-19 is a religion.

No, I do not have hope for the grand majority using the logic they do coming to these conclusions.

There is however a small hope in a small minority of responsible individuals breaking through the bullshit and surviving past the real 'pandemic' called globalization, birthing themselves through self-determination into a new self-defined reality.

In that reality I hope. Not this one.

This reality should go down in flames with its lies, propaganda, power games and bullshit. Including the music industry, and other creative industries which are big bundles of tiered bullshit with established hierarchies of perceived value.

I'm repeating myself over and over again. It's time to settle down and find other places on the internet to spread the capacity for self-responsibility. I also realise how all this sounds from the 'otherside' of the argument. That's just it, standing up and taking individual responsibility often means standing apart from the group.

My concern is waiting for this wave to pass, let the world get on the death train it seems so committed to board - then those of us that are left will pick up the pieces. We are the riders on the storm.

Re: Suggestions for Gypsy Cafe Music!
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So ... @Monty Cash Music   I’ve re-read the entire post. It’s interesting that we agree with each other on things like Freedom of the Individual and that governments and industry are primarily out for their own interests and not ours. We further agree that the media also support their own interests, not ours; especially so with main stream media because their interests are more aligned with government, industry and the “collective mind” AKA “Society.”

So then... where lies the disagreement? A little bit we are parsing the numbers and various facts; and to that end we are mostly talking past each other. So be it. I’ve mentioned previously that a “Tit-for Tat” approach is not productive. You had my attention... and therefore an opportunity to influence my opinion. If only you had shown me something new.

Beyond the “Tit-for Tat,” there is one point of contention that sets you on a journey of words and links, the difference between fact and opinion, observation and conjecture, reality and perception.  You start by denying that your opinions are opinions... and then proceed to demonstrate how you formed that opinion... and then declare it the “right” conclusion, all other conclusions being therefore “wrong.”

You are on a mission... a mission to make a difference in this world; and that my friend is admirable... don’t stop. The world needs more people like you. Willing to question all of your cherished assumptions and strong in your convictions in the face of adversity.

Am I insulted by your opinion of my opinions? Declaring a  “grand bias” that you assume is the foundation of my position, that somehow overwhelms my common sense and my ability to reason is an interesting retort. “Thou dost protest too much.” Your own grand bias is equally well reflected in the sources you cite. The mention of 5G as somehow connected to COVD was particularly telling.

I’m not insulted at all... in fact I’m comfortable with your using me as a fulcrum for the lever of your mission. I offer that willingly; but only because your message is well researched, reasoned and articulate.

I also accept that you believe that your opinions are “right” and that those who disagree with you are, therefore, necessarily “wrong.” Perhaps all of this most enlightened debate and friendly discussion will cause you to ponder that particular cherished assumption.

Peace ✌️

Re: Suggestions for Gypsy Cafe Music!
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Sure, no harm done, we're having a text battle on a forum.

Your own grand bias is equally well reflected in the sources you cite. "

If by sources I quote you're also grouping all the CDC stats and those 'official' stats that you also are using for your own 'rational deduction' - then you've tripped over your own foot here.

The stats don't lie. Those stats are not from any outside questionable source - they are from the same sources that you are using. You look at the data in those stats and they say the same thing every time. There is not a lethal virus like we have been told. There is a virus, but it is not lethal and it does not warrant a global lockdown and collapse of the economy.

The mention of 5G as somehow connected to COVD was particularly telling.

It's quite telling of your ability to sift through the information that I have presented; that you have used this particular point in order to separate my perspective from reality so that you can box me to the extreme.

Once again, this is telling that you haven't looked through much of the material I have provided and instead choose to demonize what I have presented. You've made up your mind, that much is clear. It will not matter what I present to you.

This 5g info is a piece of information that I do not 100 percent agree with, not 100 percent disagree with, however it is a 'conspiracy theory' as deemed by the mainstream - I put it there to provide a wide array of questions to what the mainstream is presenting - when the mainstream outright and publicly denys or labels something -  it should trigger a skepticism within us. Look at the medias track record, I mean, come on...

It is very telling of your own character to bring this up as the one thing right at the end to label my perspective as an extreme bias. It is a small part of the large foray of information I have presented and I have in no way linked it to anything else - besides that it is also a point worth questioning.

It says loud and clear, you're no different from the rest. You're looking for a reason to put a perspective that you can't put comfortably into your story into the extreme box so you can conveniently disregard it. Goodo!

It also places it there for the outside reader's perspective. How very manipulative of you.

So thank you for that.  :ok:


Once again, we're responsible for ourselves. Good luck with it all. Good luck reading the official stats through the filter of the mainstream media and pretending you're practicing rational deduction. The issue with this 'pandemic' is that it is placing our rights in the hands of big pharmaceutical and I will no longer have a choice.

It is based on mis-projections and misinterpretation/misrepresentations of the stats - supported by huge industry that owns the media, has it's hand in your government's panty hose and has proven to be corrupt time and time again. Yet, we still look at the f**ing roses. We're so bloody dumb.

The government says jump and the people jump. Fucking goodo!

And you're quite happy to attempt to invalidate anything that I have put forward with your 5g mention.  :lol:
Do you realise how much like everyone else in this goddamn game you are by just doing what you've done?

Honestly.. You're a joke.  :bonk:

Re: Suggestions for Gypsy Cafe Music!
Reply #36 on: June 27, 2020, 18:04:13
You closed your post with a resort to name calling.

@Monty Cash Music Apparently I’ve annoyed or angered you. My humble apologies.... my intent was to share an unemotional discourse on differing points of view.

We seem to be stuck on the fundamental difference between a fact and an opinion.

I wish you success in all of your future endeavors.

Stay well.

Re: Suggestions for Gypsy Cafe Music!
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It seems it suits the purposes of the editor of this forum to delete my latest posts.

I restate it simplistically: it is a joke to claim to stand up for freedom while sitting back and doing nothing. It is an active choice to implement a totalitarian state to sit and do nothing while it encloses you.

The fear imposed by this 'pandemic' is disproportionate to the threat.

This is not an opinion.

The rest is best said in someone else's words:

If this post is deleted as well please remove my presence from this forum entirely.

I looked for a way to delete my profile, I could not find it.

It seems it's ok to be subversive and passive aggressive with your posts, but not direct.

Must we treat each other as though we're living inside plastic bubbles unable to feel a thing?

I quote again the end of an article I wrote recently: https://peakd.com/hive-122315/@montycashmusic/refusingthevaccine

Considering death...
This article is not intended to cause you to lose empathy for the dead or dying. The point is not that we should lose our humanity and disrespect those affected. It is to see how the fear of death, disproportionate to its possible causes, is controlling the behaviours of the westernized human.

It could be said that fears have mental jurisdiction and it is important to keep those fears within their jurisdiction not to give them full rights over the entirety of our souls, effectively locking us down in a system of absolute control within the self.

To the inner, to the outer - so mote it be. If we change and we open up inwardly, standing up for our rights within our own selves - reserving the right to have control of our own lives and our own emotions - we affect the physical world outwardly allowing more and more for people to do the same.

Reserve the right for yourself against the fear so you can live the fullest potential your life deserves. Set the jurisdiction of freedom above the jurisdiction of fear of death within your own being first.

Fear has a purpose, it is a tool of the self to avoid danger - but it can also take over like a demon and be used by powerful people that understand the tendencies of human morality.

Let us know ourselves enough to divide realistic enabling boundaries from irrational boundless fears.
And I leave you there... good luck everyone. I hope to see you on the otherside of the window of truth that exposes all deception and purifies the love within our souls.

Re: Suggestions for Gypsy Cafe Music!
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As more research pops up exposing the current crumbling narrative on the virus. More professional videos like these are being made and are surviving not being censored.

In Australia people were being arrested for posting on facebook to start rallies.

If this doesn't wake people up to the state of what we have allowed to happen. What will?

Are we all just going to jump when the government says jump?

I state again - and you wonder why I might be angry? I mean really?

Maybe it's because you have no idea you're protecting the prison - seeking to undermine everything I have said.

You wonder how I could be angry. Really? lol

I'm ready for my posts to be deleted. Beam away!

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