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Re: Suggestions for Gypsy Cafe Music!
Reply #15 on: May 20, 2020, 01:41:15
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Thanks for permission to use your music.

You believe them... I don’t.... so goes the world...

No, I do not believe these facts.

I have made a logical assessment from my own research and have decided a course of action which happens to be contrary to the mainstream narrative which according to many sources is full of holes. This course of action is not taken lightly, it also happens to be the most difficult.

I am not believing anything. I'm not asking you to believe these facts either. Nor should you believe any other facts by other sources.

What we decide to do according to the facts and our interpretation of them need not have anything to do with belief.

Science should not be a religion.

It is however obvious to see that the majority of the population treats science as such and despite claiming to have powers of deductive reasoning, they exhibit behaviour that betrays an inability to be impartial to the facts.

An understanding of the group mind and our place within it is integral to understand how information and perception of information are used to influence and control society. To act as separate from the the group mind often feels contrary to our own nature. So many have not experienced this ability to have cognitive independence. We live in a belief system of free-will, equality and indepence - not actual free-will, equality and independence.

It is not a time to 'save' anyone, I am not 'saving' you or anyone else. I feel humanity can go into this pit, if that's really what it wants.

If you need question motive... for spreading such disinformation, one needs look no further than the pharmaceutical industry - https://theintercept.com/2020/03/13/big-pharma-drug-pricing-coronavirus-profits/ - who stand to make more money the worse the 'epidemic' gets.

Just like major banking corporations funded weapons and ammunitions for both sides of many wars. War, is an industry. Disease is an industry. If you still have to question why such an epidemic would be made so 'severe'... there is so much more at play than just this 'epidemic'.

I've rattled on again, look at me, can't help myself. Back to selling coffee on the side of the road to construction workers.

When all the world is taken away on boats and I cover myself in mud and claim to be part of natural law, I'll start digging up the roads and let nature back in to the earth. What a mess we've made of the place. Has anyone else had enough?  :nopompom:
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Re: Suggestions for Gypsy Cafe Music!
Reply #16 on: May 22, 2020, 23:51:49
@Monty Cash Music  your passion and your sincere concern for human suffering is both clear and admirable (I bet your coffee is damn good as well ☕️... thanks I’ll have a cup... black, no sugar)

Your statement
Science should not be a religion.
is ... I believe (there is that word again!) a true one. So let’s step aside from the semantics and the philosophical debate about whether a fact requires belief in order for it to matter. I absolutely agree with the statement “a fact is a fact, whether you believe it or not.”

You and I are looking at the same data (facts!) and we are both witnessing many stories, images, experiences etc. of enormous human suffering... we both agree that the virus and the shut down are contributing to that suffering.

I’ll accept your premise that the action one should take (to mitigate the suffering) has nothing to do with belief. Ones actions should be based on the facts. We may also agree (not sure... but probably) that different individual circumstances may dictate different actions.

Back to Freedom of Choice.... it comes with Responsibility... choose thoughtfully.

Can you accept the fact that you and I could look at the same facts and come to a different conclusion about our personal responsibility to act?

That’s damn good coffee ☕️

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