• will they make up, and play... together, ever again? (warning: Oasis topic)
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hey @Dutchbeat  haha i think its brilliant the video, never would have thought Cantona would pop up in a video for liam!

most videos aint great anyhow so i dont really expect much from them but i agree the video should add to the song but in this case i think its pretty funny!

ah going back to favourite oasis song you mentioned, missed that post! very difficult to answer its like whats your favourite beatles song pretty hard to answer as changes so much!

one thing i love about oasis is that you can have the full rock n roll versions of the likes of supersonic and slide away from liam and the band and then the stripped back acoustic versions from noell.

slide away from a union chapel gig noel did in 2006 is amazing!   ::OSMAN::
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hey @Dutchbeat 
slide away from a union chapel gig noel did in 2006 is amazing!   ::OSMAN::

hi @man of simple pleasures , i found a video of that performance, bad quality video, but indeed the music and vocal performance sound great!!!

btw, i guess you are going to see Liam Gallagher live in Brussels soon?
you must be one of their biggest fans....or are there many more like you?  ::e-guitar3:: ::e-guitar3::
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hey @Dutchbeat yeah roll on, flight to brussels from manchester on saturday morning! gig on the saturday nite and then off to brugge and ghent for the rest of the week! fly back from brussels on the friday!

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