• Wow.. I guess music IS a Universal language.. Did you see this?
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 :pompom: So this is what seems to unite us kitcheners!!  :pompom:


Love, Peace and Cheers,
Mar T.
I'm proud of this track, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/martimedia/dreams

Great read @Mar T. !!! thanks for posting this.

Music is definitely a primordial force in human development.
"The main thing is to have a gutsy approach....but use your head." Julia Child

 "In a world of robotic conformity, the only originality left in music is the imperfections" Eric Craptone

"Special thanks to Steve Gleason for making me who I am today." Leonard Scaper

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Sure thing!  :)
Nice article.
Songwriter, Keyboards, Arranger, Producer & Engineer for November Sound

November Sound is based on the Mother, Father & Son musical trio of Melissa, Bill & Will. I'm the father so anything I post will have my wife singing and/or my son playing percussion.

It’s one of those things that research and science often do... take something we all know, somehow, to be true... and then prove it.

Thanks for sharing  @Mar T.

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Great read @Mar T. !!! thanks for posting this.

Music is definitely a primordial force in human development.

I wish I could whole heartedly embrace this statement @Leonard Scaper .
I remember a recording of an American artist under difficult circumstances.
At the time, being able to make reasonable recordings was in the hands of few people. An elitist hobby if you will.
Only a few months later, the first human landed on the moon.

If I balance (?) the development recording has made (now in most people's reach) and the development of moon travelling (still elitist - inspite of billions invested) I think recording wins effortlessly. And - with it - the possibility for people to be busy with music and share it.

Sun Ra has been the only musician I know of to combine space travel (and the development thereof) and music.
I've asked his opinion on this idea, but his diction isn't improving lately.

So: the force of music has always been there; the means to use it and spread it has increased enormously.
The force of music is OK, but now almost within everybody's hands. So (for me) the use of recorders wins over the force as such where development is concerned.
Thank you @Mar T.  for posting.
Kind regards, Gus

A small edit:
A friend of mine is a carpenter. And a very very good one at that. He'd be nowhere without his tools.
We tend to over estimate inspiration and 'the force' (what ever that may be) over doing it and spreading it. And for that you need tools.
May the force be with you. @all kitcheners


@Mar T. ...

I'm really interested in this type of topic!! :) When I first came to the kitchen I had 'discovered' songwriting alone, I did not have songwriting friends with whom to discuss the process and it was intriguing to realise that people from accross the world actually went through the same type of  processes which I experienced when creating melodies alone in my room.... I like to compare this 'universal' aspect of songwriting with architecture .... it's really interesting how dwellings were developed in different areas of the world over time, even when communication between he different ends was limited. The medium may be different  (materials/ technology etc) .... but the aim to fulfill the need to respond to the need of shelter / response to climate was identified by all and everyone followed a parallell approach to address the same issues.  A similar thing seems to happen in the case of music which in this case is more related to the less tangible part of life. 
Rachel  ::Rachel::

i guess we have seen enough of those street music performances.....

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