• Melting Ice - collaboration with @Mar T. @Mark Luto @oorlab @Pleudoniem @Rache
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My sincere apologies for not getting the collaboration finished in 2018. I hope you can enjoy this final version of Melting Ice.
I really want to thank everyone for all there effort and positive feedback

I hope you all enjoy the music. The track is public and can be shared.  ;)

Melting Ice - collaboration with @Mar T. @Mark Luto @oorlab @Pleudoniem  @Rachel_D  Lyrics/poem by Andrew Blakemore 


p.s. Best wishes to all of you on the Songwriters Kitchen Forum ... (it's late like the final version  ;D)
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There is a saying in America about too many cooks in the kitchen, clearly not the case here.   :thumbsup:

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 :ok: :ok: :ok: reposted  :ok: :ok: :ok:
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Super brilliant collaboration! Thanks for keeping the project alive, and steering it to fruition.
new guitar 4-6-2020 https://soundcloud.com/oorlab/12string-demo1 12string Cort.

Great job everyone!!!!!  :ok:  @Mar T.  @Mark Luto @oorlab @Pleudoniem @Rachel_D    :ok:     :yes:
I already said this in the collaboration thread but, seriously, stunning musical performances all and an outstanding production!
I enjoyed all 7 and half minutes of this epic journey.
I shared it on twitter and will be reposting it soon.
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Wow....this is really VERY good. Those lead vocals that start it out really set the tone. Then @Rachel_D comes in later with the same delicate feeling.

Nice tones on that electric guitar .....that bass is perfectly placed throughout.

Backing vocals from are just right and mixed in beautifully. This entire production  is absolutely stellar. Hat's off to you @budhabuilding for this production and to all of you who put this together......definitely some of the best Kitchen talent on this one.
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The end product is worth the wait (other incarnations have been interesting and instructive to follow- one of the best features of this forum for me).
Super vocals throughout and the electric guitar/fiddle section works very well ( not easy to achieve)...the inspiration and message is admirable.
Well done to all!


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Thanks for sharing the final track @budhabuilding  + greetings to you too! :) It was nice to have another listen of this track :) I really like the way you creatively put it all together, and especially love the ending - it is bursting with emotion and imo really brings out what the lyrics are all about!

Well done to all those who collaborated on this ... and thanks for having me, I really appreciate it! - it was nice to be able to sing with you on it  :)

Rachel  ::Rachel::

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Wow, fantastic end-result @budhabuilding !! Pleasure to listen to! Thanks @oorlab @Pleudoniem @Mark Luto & @Rachel_D , great to be part of this! Cheers everybody!!
Mar T.
I'm proud of this track, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/martimedia/dreams

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@Mar T. @Rachel_D @oorlab thanks also for all your creativety   ::heart::

and @Leonard Scaper @robertkc @Bill from November Sound @Vince @Dutchbeat thanks for your kind words and positive energy  :dance:

Wonderful song, sad, nostalgic, beautiful voices, elegant style, special rhythm...
Great collaboration @Mar T. @Mark Luto @oorlab @Pleudoniem @Rachel_D
you made me sad ::thumb:: ::heart::
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