• a new track from Leonard Scaper and DB... i like it myself....
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 ;D ;D ;D guys, you are much too kind
....you are making Old Dutchbeat blush  :P :P ::) ::)
(now, we don't want that, do we?  8) 8) ::) ::) ::))

but even though i know, you are too kind

thanks :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

we just started @Leonard Scaper and I
feels like we can go on!
extremely nice comments


me, myself, and Pie

Really cool track.

hard to pin a genre on this.

Hints of Paul Simon and Lou Reed

Like this a lot.


Hey @Movin Flavour ...thanks for stopping in for a listen. @Dutchbeat and I really don't know what this genre is either....maybe..EDS (Scaper).  ;D

I'll take Paul Simon and Lou Reed comparisons all day long, though.  8)
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It is slightly insane that your two respective but disparate styles would be brought together and it somehow would even slightly work. But it does, very much so. Puts a big smile on my face anyway  ;D

Very catchy guys and loads of fun!
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This sounds awesome @Dutchbeat  and @Leonard Scaper  ::e-guitar3:: I love the combination of the two very different styles  ::thumb:: I don't know how they work, but
they definitely do  ::Dutch:: WOW! I'm impressed   ::heart:: I definitely want to be in this band  ::Suzy::

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Woah, such a cool mixture of two styles! Love it.
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Pretty cool, right @IsleofSkye ? Who would have thought such a thing?

@Dutchbeat and @Leonard Scaper are having a ball as tXconXion!

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This track has a great overall vibe. The voice sounds cool and the words are discernible. I think the bass and guitar licks work well also. Nice job guys.

Wow ..this is beautiful again! I think it's great you together !
 ::heart:: ::heart::


Thanks @bear bard ...and you as well @Goatie

 ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart::

I could have sworn I reviewed this... but apparently I did not!!

This is completely FAB!! I love it - a match made in heaven!!! Completely brilliant @Dutchbeat and @Leonard Scaper

Thanks so much @Zedd  ...we are having great fun with this, although you and @Jambrains (Ashes For Dreams) have set the Kitchen Band bar pretty high with your last amazing song.