• A song about one of my favorite video game series called "Fallout"
  • Started by Introverse77
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I always thought that the fallout universe is very inspiring, so I wrote a soung about it

Im a bit disappointed about vocals, as always...I couldn't find the perfect spot for the volume, it was either too loud or too quiet...



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oh yes, I enjoyed that, great atmosphere

but....I kept waiting for that BIG chord change! no really
but I know, look who is talking... :P :P :P :-\ :-\ :-\ :-X :-X :-X :-X

very great this, great vocal (and I say....one tad up with the volume for the vocal)
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--->Mar T added the lyrics (copied from SC)

Maybe, just maybe
You'll be wise enough to see
Some nuclear codes revealed

Darling, oh sweet sweet darling
Can you see far away,
The cloud shaped of a tree

So run far away
Take your pip-boys and guns
Some bottle caps
And your faction

For so long
I was taught not one thing
About the shape of the world
One of which I heard

It's that war
War never changes...

Hey @Introverse77 oooh this is a gem imo.. I love your
voice, and your guitar strumming.
Feels like a heavy subject (for a computer game), and I love that ghostly sounding
(is that an english expression?) organ choice as an extra accompaniment for this

Well done, thanks for sharing!

I'm proud of this track, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/martimedia/dreams

i would rock this in my pip boy any day :)

sitting on top of the broken theatre screen at the old drive-in, looking up at the stars.. that's the stuff.

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This song really captures the atmosphere of Fallout quite well. Sparse and haunting but somehow with some warmth. Very nice stuff. I like the vocals and the organ sound in the background and the guitar strumming. Very evocative. I think the song could be a bit more powerful if it were a bit shorter or evolved slightly. Even something like adding a refrain near the end of "war never changes" with more and more vocal layers could be very cool.

My short instrumental song called "Drop". CHECK IT OUT!

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