• A song we did for Valentine's Day - though we started it about 2 years ago
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Hi All,

Apologies for two songs in a short space of time.

We did a happy sounding song for today - some 80's influenced synth pop.

Feel free to abuse it. Bring back the gloom - I say. ;D




Mono No Aware

I don't want your riches
Don't want your fancy clothes
They don't seem to fit me
Fit me
That's not living

Your fading voice is a radiant dream
I look in the mirror where your face has been
It moves me
Moves me
Don't you feel it?

Nothing lasts
Comes tumbling down
And all things pass
It's over and out
And so...

Mono no aware
Can you feel it?
Mono no aware
Can you feel it?

All you want is golden
All you need is here
In a passing moment
If you're willing

Your wilting rose is a dying queen
Wile away the hours by the cherry tree
This beauty
Don't you see it?

Nothing lasts
Comes tumbling down
And all things pass
It's over and out
And so...

Mono no aware
Can you feel it?
Mono no aware
Can you feel it?

Well, I for one like this new UP direction Digger... Of course I like the gloomy Digger too..

As always, great production, great instrumentation, perfect vocals (that voice :o :o)...

Really catchy melody... I'll be humming this one all evening whether I want to or not  ;D ;D

I have a vague recollection of you posting this before, maybe unfinished? Am I losing my marbles or is that possible????

Love it!


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Hi Digger and Katja,

Wow that sounds so cool! I immediately got the Depeche Mode feel, but with
much better vocals! ;-)
I don't operate a lot in this genre, but wow this sounds like hit material to me!
Well done, enjoyed listening!

I'm proud of this track, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/martimedia/dreams

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WOW, guys :o This is amazing :o I love it~UPBEAT digger :) the lyrics are sweetly intriguing  8)

I love the use of 'Mono no aware'~the pathos of things~impermanence~transience of things :o of course I had to look it up :-[

What a beautiful sentiment for a song and it totally suits the gentle 80's vibe :-* I can hear this on the radio~with Katja's sublime vocals~I think this could be a hit :o

You should take this all the way, but remember us when you're famous :)  Karma points coming your way digger  :)

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Hellooooooo  :o :o :o :o :o, that is spot on of from the first second

how cool this!!!! Like the best off, no better than the best of Blondie

and that synthesizer sound in the synth motive is so increbible Yazoo-ish: splendid!!!!
and by the way, the music also reminds of yazoo

i love it, you guys are a great songwriting team!
me, myself, and Pie

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