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About a Call
on: August 05, 2015, 19:32:22
This song is based on an actual phone conversation I had with a friend who is going through a divorce.


I had a friend who called to say
That things had gotten low
He had unloaded all he had to say
Before I could say hello

Months had passed since last we spoke
So much had gone on since
It was clear that things were ending now
Of that I was convinced

I remember what I used to say
When living life carefree
I would just close my eyes and lay low
In the beautiful misery

What once was rooted in friendship
Had descended into fire
Time had not brought them pleasure
Only unfulfilled desire

You with your controlling behavior,
She with the wandering eye
It is beyond my comprehension
To explain how you?ve survived

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Re: About a Call
Reply #1 on: August 05, 2015, 20:23:04
ha, these lyrics are great

song is too

when the harmonies come in at: "What was once rooted..." SWEET! Excellent

i love everything about this, only thing i would remark is that the vocals (or fxs on the vocal) in the first half of the song, the vocals could be more full, eq-wise, more natural

i think

 :P :P :-[ :-[

but what a lovely music out here
and this is a gem
me, myself, and Pie

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