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Almost Yours
on: March 16, 2022, 23:03:14
Hi guys,
sooo....my wonderfully talented Russian friend Anya and I started writing this 3 months ago and what a lot has happened in the world in 3 months!!😱😔 (we finished it just in time I think as WhatsApp is being blocked there soon.)
The song is set in St Petersburg, where one of their major tourist calling cards are the "White Nights". Basically the summer nights never really get dark.
The song mentions that, but really it's just a snapshot of a goodbye at a train station.
Anya doesnt speak much English at all, but her only lyrical requirement was that we mention the first snow, or snow in general...she sent me the piano track and when I first heard it…I felt like I could hear in the intro a train Pulling away...(low notes) and snow (high notes) and so I got to trying to craft a lyric around that. Anya did help with other lyrical “images” aswell.
We worked on the melody together and Anya also plays the guitar on the track.
We hope you enjoy it! I did my best with the mix...Anyas vocals are only recorded on her headphone mic into her phone.
The key is a bit low for my voice, but I don't mind as I would much rather have Anya sing in her best range.

Lastly…I know that the piano is quite “busy” , I loved what I heard initially….and so we wrote to that piano and then discovered the difficult challenge, (that I’m not quite sure I’ve won) to make room for all those competing frequencies between vocals and piano AND strings.
Any constructive feedback is welcome and thanks for your time.
Leo 😄
Listen to Almost Yours (Duet with Anya) by Pebble Wreck on #SoundCloud
The train slowly pulls away
I find you at the window
Your breath fogs up the pane
And just like that you fade away
Snowflakes and teardrops
At war just like my thoughts
As I'm left waving you goodbye
Your scent still on your scarf
You gave me this morning
As first snow was falling
When I was almost yours...
I wave, your blackberry kiss I taste
The snow blows wild around you
Your bright red hair ablaze
I hate it has to end this way
Too many mountains
And oceans between us
And time was never on our side
We knew it couldn't last
But still we kept falling
From summer through autumn
When I was almost yours
Bridge. (Together)
Nights were bright
In St Petersburg
Found your hand in mine
Lost in the warmth
of your wildfire smile
In sweet denial.
Verse (together)
The train moves along its way
A postcard of a moment
The one that got away
But in my heart I know you'll stay
Far from this weather
I'll always remember
The nights, by your side, in the light
Of that midnight sun
When I was almost.....yours.

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Re: Almost Yours
Reply #1 on: March 17, 2022, 00:12:04
@LostBoy - marvellous, congratulations, this sounds very good. Amazing to read the vocals were recorded with headphone-mic on a phone. It really sounds like the singers are in the same room. I get a doctor Zhivago-vibe. Curious to know what @Pleudoniem and @smajor  think of the lyrics.
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Re: Almost Yours
Reply #2 on: March 17, 2022, 16:17:40
I think the lyrics are excellent... simple but profound. They capture the mood perfectly.
I'm a lyricist seeking music writers to work with.

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Re: Almost Yours
Reply #3 on: March 17, 2022, 18:39:18
@oorlab @smajor Thank you very much guys, I appreciate you checking it out.😄👍🏻

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Re: Almost Yours
Reply #4 on: March 18, 2022, 20:03:07
Oh I liked it from the first sounds.
A very soulfully realized song that is in harmony with the outlined beautiful scenery of the lyrics.
The two voices fit well together and a duet is really not often heard in the kitchen. I hope that changes a bit. Thanks for sharing @LostBoy ! :) ::thumb::

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Re: Almost Yours
Reply #5 on: March 20, 2022, 18:17:09
Wow! I absolutely love the sound of Anya's voice with that piano. Then when your second vocal comes in.....just perfect.

Fantastic production......just lovely harmonies. That last verse is amazing.
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Re: Almost Yours
Reply #6 on: April 13, 2022, 09:55:03
I’m late to the party again @LostBoy
I would vote for the beginning, the harmonies and the last part of the lyrics. That part is the cherry on the top.
Kind regards, Gus

Re: Almost Yours
Reply #7 on: April 13, 2022, 21:47:34
Hola @LostBoy

Preciosa canción!!!
The piano is so sweet! Like the voices, the song is pure nostalgia. La parte donde aparece la guitarra es genial!! Very nice job, really nice.

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