• Bosun Over (Nautical reference for SF)
  • Started by Binladeda
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Bosun Over (Nautical reference for SF)
on: September 26, 2013, 18:36:52

  Hi guys,

  I HATE drum machines ;D ;D  but all the drummers I knew are dead  ::)   So I've got to 'come to terms' with them....
  I recently got a new one, which I've been playing around with, and would like to get your opinions on what it sounds like.
  I've jazzed up an old one of mine (1 karma if you can identify it ;D) to a couple of sequences from the machine.
  I usually play to a 'fixed beat'....this thing is offering me sequences, and I'm just not sure about it  ::) ::) ::)
  Is this the way forward?? ;D

  Anyway, hope you like  https://soundcloud.com/binladeda/bosun-over/s-YUUWp  It does go on a bit ;D ;D  Hard to
  stop, once you get going ;D ;D

  thanks, in advance,  for listening ;D ;D

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Re: Bosun Over (Nautical reference for SF)
Reply #1 on: September 26, 2013, 19:21:55
Hi Bin,

There's some lyrics in there;
"Dead drummers keep the beat of time."

The drums do sound a bit artificial - too neat.
If you are in to midi, Addictive drums is pretty good. You can programme your own, or they have some sample beats which adjust to the tempo in your DAW. Good choice of drum sounds as well.

It's very well played. Silky smooth. Pristine production. Not my kind of thing musically. Jazz type stuff just doesn't agree with me.



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Re: Bosun Over (Nautical reference for SF)
Reply #2 on: October 01, 2013, 08:56:28
Some guitar playing Bin ;D

You get used to the drums you know - the whole thing comes together well and sounds tight

You really are a talented musician

No backslapping - I enjoyed this a lot  ;D

1 karma point to you  :)

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Re: Bosun Over (Nautical reference for SF)
Reply #3 on: October 13, 2013, 22:38:34
Hello Bin
Your music is always inspiring.Like your playing very much.Only production is a bit rough.I had a lot of acoustic noise which shouldn?t be there.Or is it only me and my hardware?

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Re: Bosun Over (Nautical reference for SF)
Reply #4 on: October 14, 2013, 01:23:45
Wowsers Mate. ( first mate )

For a start I gave you a karma point just for the post name alone. A wonderfully inspired title :)

Now for the piece itself, seems I have to wait on hour before I can register a second karma point for the quality of the song ( instrumental)

This right up my alley. I just love this. Guitar is sensational and soooo laid back. Drums, not so keen on mate. Sorry but they just seem to busy and therefore detract from the laid back feeling of the guitar. IMHo I would maybe look at something about half tempo with maybe using brushes?  I just reckon that could be the perfect marriage. But as a whole this is simply superb. I wouldn't even know how to begin putting something like this together its is classy Bin. 

You can look forward to a second Karma point later in the day for this one.

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