• Check out my new song guys ! Progresssive Rock . Me And The Boys
  • Started by Kajetan Zduniak
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i wanted to share my new song it is about the end of friendship because of studying
i would be grateful for feed back!

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wow that's an epic tune @Kajetan Zduniak

Lots of nice ideas and changes and some really nice playing.

The mix is a bit harsh at times (I'm using headphones) but the playing and ideas are what count and that's all really good.


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I like that repetitive guitar riff that you keep going back to. Great changes as @Jurgen mentioned.

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There is a great hook in that backing pattern @Kajetan Zduniak .

Yes I would tone down the top end a bit .. and have presence in the lead without it being too sharp.
You could actually do that by adding more low mid I guess to your lead guitar tone. 
Then you would get some weight when the guitar kicks in.

Lots to like in this one.

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@Jurgen i am grateful for your words !
i am mastering noob so sorry haha
even though i tried my best and i know that i have to work on increasing my skill in DAW

thx for your mastering tips its true my lead guitar sounds too sharp and nice that u noitced it :)
@Leonard Scaper
i tried to create is as melodic as possible ! thank you very much

You say it's a "song."  Does it have lyrics?

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Ha @Kajetan Zduniak  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: your new track / song sounds great to me. Very energetic....and super nice!!!!
Nice stereo mixing too

keep the music coming!  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
me, myself, and Pie

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It's a good tune...Has life to it & for an istrumental is pretty good...

But about the 43 second mark you need a musical change .

Your first real musical change is at 1:44.  I would maybe move it up earlier. 

You mentioned Mastering....There are a few timing issues in the tune.  You may want to tighten up the track a little bit first....

Just a thought...

@M57  No it doesn't  i do instrumentals only because i cant sing however i am open for collaboration :)
@Dutchbeat thank you for your kind words i like that u accept the level of mix too haha
@SteveAlton  Thanks for your tips ! i still have problems with my songs' structure, i have to agree with you that maybe that part is too long and can be boring for our ears and yes that heavier  part was very challenging and i was recording one track of guitar for that part for a few days and i wanted to do my best . Next time i will try play more correctly :)

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Some great advice from everybody but don't loose your passion to play @Kajetan Zduniak ... one of the gifts given to the young. 

Keep jamming with the guys if you can,  OR more importantly,  find new guys to jam with.  ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::

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@MrBouzouki  i appreciate every contibution in my posts guys ! exposing my weaknesses is a good way to get advices from more experienced players and musicians like you so i am grateful for that :)

Nice work. Catchy tune and groove. Slight vibe of All Along The Watchtower here and there, in a song that is quite different altogether. I quite like the reverb on the guitar.
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@Pleudoniem  i love all along the watchtower ! you rather mean deley and phlager it sounds like being under the water a little bit :)

@Kajetan Zduniak I think I mean that. I couldn't tell which effect you used. There are many ways to create comparable effects. If you used a delay and a phaser (I think that is what you mean), then yes.

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