• Did i really just say that? (NOW WITH A VIDEO!) (misunderstanding challenge)
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Super entertaining video, thanks for the fun!  ::thumb::  ;D

Feed the Kitchen
Do they know it's Christmas time at all?  ::Dutch::
If you like novels with a musical theme, why not try 'Sixth Beatle - When Music Changed The World', easily found on Amazon and Google. It is amazing, although as the author I may be biased!


I think this could be your first ever winning challenge

By the way...you are a great artist!!

A bit misunderstood you are
But you know the greatest artists are firstly misunderstood

 ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart::


  ::) I'm so confused  ::)

Wow. Just wow.
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Definitely a strong entry! @Dutchbeat  Will you post the lyrics too?
the video is vintage Benny-Hillish Delight!
recommending https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_Music_Works "How music works", book by David Byrne.

@Dutchbeat and @Leonard Scaper

2 champions of misunderstandings hahaha

Very GOOD sound and great production. I'm still dancing while I remember old misunderstandings that ruined dinners and family and friends meals...
My God! what pathetic things. hahahaha

I really liked EVERYTHING
I did not know that to live I had to die so many times

@Mora Amaro La Loba ........ ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Glad you liked this. It's all @Dutchbeat really.  ;)
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I like this job a lot
Very good work

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