• Does a ghost like chicken? (ghost in the kitchen songwriting challenge)
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for this ghost in the kitchen songwriting challenge, i was wondering

would a ghost like chicken? if he (or she) would be in my kitchen
or would meat be forbidden?

and should the booze be hidden?

so i made a first draft of that... ;D ;D ;D ;D ::)
the faul mouth at the end is ...the ghost, forcing me to express things  :o :-X :-X :-X

  :-X :-[ but it is the first draft  :yes: :yes:, and,,,,i am sure that ghost won't bother me anymore..mixing it..right  ::) ::) ::) :P :P :o :o

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I LOVE IT!!!!!

Seriously, @Dutchbeat ....this is a great tune. It is infectious.....it is now stuck in my head.

The ending is just.....amazing.
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@Dutchbeat I was thinking of a cat, rather... But @Leonard Scaper is right that it is quite catchy. And also quite busy and short of breath. Quite a nice tune :)
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I think EVERYONE likes chicken so a Ghost certainly would. The question is, would a ghost taste like chicken? :)

This is wacky, off the wall and unique. It's catchy and fun, good work mate.

Your Ghost is very special... Things are changing about tastes so I was thinking Ghosts now are vegetarians or vegans???
But your's is a rebel or a traditional one.....  ::smiley:: ::smiley::

I liked a lot your tune, really, the intro is so... interesting and the sound FX and atmosphere... as well as the gimmick so contagious!!! you are a big competitor....  :-\ >:D

Sorry @Dutchbeat  could you share the lyrics? I would like to know the words your creature is saying....  ;D

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Dang @Dutchbeat .... this is crazy. It sounds haunted enough as well. I do kind of wish the vocals were more clear.... but the words are pretty funny from what I could gather. The kitchen, chicken, prison rhyming scheme is very unorthodox. ;)
It is catchy and
Since the
Aren't so clear
It may need to be
Listened to over and over
Good show!
-11  ::Note::
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This could be the one DB to finally grab the numero  uno spot  ::thumb::

I like chicken

great song!!!  ::thumb::
 ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart::

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Liking the strong drive in the strings in this one @Dutchbeat  . By leaving out some effects on the vocals here & there  , the lyrics may well be more clearing. Super fun song
recommending https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_Music_Works "How music works", book by David Byrne.

@Dutchbeat The lyrics( I could make out most) are fun and those strings (if that`s what they are) really drive the rhythm along with toe tapping percussion layers.
I`m glad you reminded us of the dancier, zannier side of the supernatural ::thumb::

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Very catchy and very ghosty @Dutchbeat

great ending!


 ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart::
and I miss you, even though we will always stick together

@Dutchbeat good fun mate listening to that haha!
fly away and find my peace of mind...

haha great entry, i'm dancing around my keyboard!

Fake songwriters calling themselves @Dutchbeat   ?!?!? 


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