• Dutchbeat and Budha Building work for track should be uplifting
  • Started by budhabuilding
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Great music @budhabuilding and @Dutchbeat . I listened to both versions and I just cannot decide which one I like better. They're both very good! ::headphone::

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but @budhabuilding .....

what is wrong with uploading demos / tracks on Soundcloud.....extra compression???

Hi @Dutchbeat and @budhabuilding sorry to be late at this party. Unfortunately I cannot compare mixes right now, because I only have my left ear working. But: listening in mono can be a good thing!  ;) ;)
I loved the concept of this track, makes me think of a Joe Satriani's combination of pop instrumentals with a guitar lead. But I'd love to hear the guitar bits being played by a human guitarist (this is a VSTi right?)
Apart from that for me the reverb on the guitar riffing througout the song made the guitars play in it's own space (sorry if I'm wrong when listening in mono), if that's not what you intended maybe you can find a type of reverb that blends in the mix differently to make the mix more or less sound like it's performed in the same room. That is, if you want that of course.
I did like the catchy tune and arrangement though (as far as I could 'hear' it  ;) ), very nice job, always great to hear @budhabuilding and @Dutchbeat collabs!!
Cheers guys, thanks for sharing!
I'm proud of this track, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/martimedia/dreams

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