• Earth - instrumental
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Earth - instrumental
on: April 24, 2021, 22:41:01
« Last Edit: April 25, 2021, 00:17:48 by Mo »
this is my newest instrumental,  i will raise it next weeks.


Any thoughts are wellcome.

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Re: Earth - instrumental
Reply #1 on: April 27, 2021, 11:56:02
Iíve been listening to this one before @Mo
And I know you are not in favour of all kinds of labels. But this diversity in your music makes it harder for me to understand where your music is leading me.

I like this one too, please donít misunderstand me.  You ask for Ďany thoughtsí. And I am unable to see what kind of thoughts would be to the benefit of your music. Artistically, you are a very free spirit in our kitchen;. And I hope that you will keep it that way. Most likely, this is no help to you, but alors, these are my thoughts. Your music makes me very happy.

Kind regards, Gus

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    • May 08, 2021, 23:48:35
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Re: Earth - instrumental
Reply #2 on: April 27, 2021, 14:10:00

 But this diversity in your music makes it harder for me to understand where your music is leading me.

Hello Gus!

Your answers are ALWAYS a great help to me, never could I demand that someone understands where my music should lead, because I don't know it myself!
I am therefore happy about every thought-provoking impulse that lets me see more clearly.
I know you don't like metaphors but I will use them anyway.
Me feel like an astronaut in space, who got the connection cable to the mother ship cut and got through a wormhole into another galaxy (music). Only an unclear radio connection to the crew (Kitchen) remains. There is no mission to complete, no way back just the endless options of directions to move and find out if there is something worth a closer look. If I found a new home (consisence in style) it would be an extraordinary stroke of luck.
It means that originally I had the wish not to be alone in this galaxy to have to move. When I started about a year and a half ago I did it together with a guitar player and it was pretty much what I wanted to do. Working with others on something, looking together at what's good and setting a direction, grounding and inspiring each other. But unfortunately it didn't work out and the other four  or five times I tried to find a similar arrangement all failed for different reasons. I found it very hard to realize that it is almost impossible to really find 'like-minded people' and it made me a bit sad at first. But then I decided to make a virtue out of necessity and let everything run its course. With the result that I discover the enormous variety and simply try out. Just out of the moment.
But it's still an indisputable fact that real guitar playing touches my heart and emotions more than this electronic stuff ever can. But this electronics has the advantage for me at the moment that it comes closest to how I actually want to express myself musically without being too limited.
That's all. It's a journey into the unknown. This should not sound dramatic, it's just a hobby ;)
I'm always very happy when someone from the kitchen gets a little involved! Thank you so much @LePlongeur !

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Re: Earth - instrumental
Reply #3 on: April 28, 2021, 20:55:01
@Mo @LePlongeur  - ah, I'm a bit late to the party - the track is already gone... but f I may I can react to what you both wrote here.
First of all I like the idea of an instrumental with the title 'Earth-1' - Earth minus one, it already brings some musical images.

Possibly the internet made it less obvious to be in  one place or one partnership to have a musical companionship. All the digital options for communications give us enourmous variety. That can be a blessing but could also make us a bit lonely. happy to knwo that the Kitchen at least is a place for your music!
Totally agreed, a real guitar can be as expressive as a real voice.

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