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Hi Everyone...

I wrote the underlying poem for this on August 19th, 2017, seven days after Heather Heyer's death.

At the time I assumed it would always remain a poem.

Recently, however, Micke and I, in the course of exploring the possibilities of our collaboration, experimented with the idea of me reading the words and Micke building a musical structure around my reading. Our first shot at this was "Nails Are Tougher Than Me"... built around a standard lyric (as standard a lyric as I am capable of producing)... that I was reading only to give him some sense of how I heard the lyric in my head. This one now is based around a poem. No music ever intended.

Okay... let's see what you think of it...


Elegy for Heather Heyer

When she woke up that day she had a body.
She had no reason to imagine that by the time night fell
she would be a person the whole world was mourning.

When she woke up she was listening.
She heard the voices that no one else seemed to be hearing.

So many cries of frustration.
So many whispers of pain.
So many souls hungry for justice.

And she heard the coarse calls of hatred
descending on Charlottesville;
she knew without thinking
that she had to act.

She could have made lots of excuses.
Life is full of reasons for not doing
the things that have to be done.
But she'd heard the voices crying for justice.
And she'd heard the rough words of hatred.
She was standing where she was supposed to be
that afternoon.

When Heather Heyer woke up that morning she had a body.
Now her body is buried... a body torn by hatred.

And we,
still in our bodies,
must make some kind of sense
of the world that remains.

Will we succumb to division?
Will we surrender to loud hopeless anger?
Will we choose to see foes where there could be friends?

These are the questions that haunt us.
These are the questions we all have to answer.

In each of our hearts is a lens
that when held up to the power of love
can concentrate the scattered rays of hope
and give each one of us common purpose.

This is what could draw us together.

And in that coming together
Heather's sacrifice
could be charged with a new meaning
and Heather's life ---
so dedicated to the power of love ---

could be


Whether this happens or not
is all up to me...

and you.

It's all up to...
I'm a lyricist seeking music writers to work with.

Hi @smajor and Mike.

The idea is great. The word and the music usually strengthen each other, I think so, and in this case, given the seriousness of the theme of your poem, the music is well thought out and paints the colors that are going to the story but perhaps could be less present or continued, be more ethereal, I do not know if I explain me, but maintaining that tragic atmosphere and weighing less in the sound set.

Otherwise, your poem faithfully and beautifully portrays that tragedy without forgetting the hope and the music is the beautifully worked frame that keeps it.
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