• Entry for the Christmas song writing competition, in the category "silly"
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« Last Edit: December 01, 2013, 21:14:17 by it must be me, Dutchbeat? »
i would like to submit this one for our X-mas competition,
for the category of: "silly and totally unneccesary" songs

Song idea  ::) ::) and, oh also the music by: Steve and Dutchman   ;D ;D ;D

Hohoho :P :P :P

me, myself, and Pie

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Game Over.

That was awesome. Great vid. Loved the tune. This is what Xmas songs should be like - not, Joy To the World - nicey... nicey.

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Awesome production - the sound quality is excellent.  So far remove from my musical tastes but still I can't help but admire the overall sound. Steve - I'm very impressed with the way that you weave your guitar into such an electronic production. Dutch,  great fun and skilful electronic music - such a big sound and I reckon you've practiced your air guitar to perfection!  ;D. Great to see another entry to our little competition!  :) well done guys!

   ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Wasn't expecting that ;D ;D ;D ;D

    Going back for more.... ;D

  It's brilliant Dutch ;D ;D  I think your vocals are excellent mate.  They make the song for me. ;D ;D

  Really like what you've done with my MAD guitar playing ;D  Really good FUN song ;D

  One thing's for sure.....there won't be another Xmas song like this out there ;D ;D

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Oh man, you just gotta love this song. So original makes me want to throw my entry away and start again from scratch.

This has got some real energy and is in your face - instead of off your face if you know what I mean lol.  Super video as well.
Part time musician, photographer, astronomer, computer pragramer and husband.

That's very good Mr DB, great comedy value, I think you must have my Christmas list, I want a new iPhone too :)

And Ramsey, no thanks :D

Is that your voice?

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Yes, i am afraid that is my voice  ;D ;D ;D

but i cannot take too much credits, the music / sounds i added are mainly a load of samples stacked on top of each other... ;D ;D ;D, build on guitar tracks from Bin (keep those tracks coming Bin!)

it was good fun to put this together  ;D ;D ;D I had so much fun with this, recording giftpaper being ripped etc etc.

Brilliant piece DB ;D  what a great sense of humour you have  ;D ;D  the video is awesome as is the song  ;D ;D had me laughing throughout  ;D ;D I give up...you win 'the silly and and totally unnecessary' category  ;D that's what I was going to enter my song in too, but i'm going to have to come up with another category ;D ;D great work DB

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