• 'Extremely Positive' Competition: Shoreline Sunshine (very rough first sketch)
  • Started by DanJames
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Evening all,

I'm going to try something different for this competition and post a very very rough first sketch (with a guitar that just won't tune and restrained vocals due to the fact it is 1130pm) of the 'extremely positive' song in my head. Plan is to post updates as it develops.

It's called Shoreline Sunshine: https://soundcloud.com/andomobot/shoreline-sunshine/s-h6sdO

Feedback welcome!


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Very promising! Im looking forward to hearing this evolve... :) Thanks for sharing @DanJames !

Well @DanJames   a lot of good ears and helpful people on this site - unfortunately, I'm not one of them  ;D  (ears I mean, I do try to be helpful) - it does seem to me like a good start though.


A lot of promise here! This will be spectacular I think...especially with the "bah pah pah bahs" and all.  :)
There are just so many places that you could use the words "like" or "love" in this.... but resist it I say.  Resist at all costs.  ;)
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Yes I love this, erm I mean like it, doh....well it's quite good this @DanJames , without any loves or likes.  ;D You regularly have quite an underlying positive vibe in your style so I think you are a good bet to do very well indeed in this competition. This one is breezy and bright and very good already at showing its potential when polished and shaped. Good luck with it!
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Oooh!! Catchy!!

I too L**E this so far! Will be watching progress with interest!!


WOW< @DanJames  :o What a fabulous start to your extremely possitive entry :o So darn catchy! I will be watching this one unfold as well  ::Suzy::

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Nice start....the music is catchy right off and you have a good vocal thing happening too..........I'll be following this.

 :) :) :)
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Great start, thee bah bah bah put me in mind of Ben Folds ,who I have not listened to in a long time.