• "First Night": spring competition entry from CrystalSuzy and DB
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sounding good guys

I also got excited when I thought it was DB singing!

I like the conga sound as well.


Thanks so much for listening and your kind comments Mark, Zedd and Jurgen  :-*  Yes Zedd, I think DB did a great job with the mix  ::headphone::

Here are the lyrics:


Our paths crossed late one night
We talked and we laughed till the break of dawn
With a fire on the beach, we heard the sound
Of seagulls and voices and ocean waves

The moon was bright the air was cool
A light spring rain fell from the sky
Trees up above, they kept us dry
As our bodies entwined into the night

How could I be so lucky, to meet you in this lifetime?
How could I be so fortunate, to have your life, part of mine?

The sun rose silent from the ocean floor
We watched in a trance with a sense of awe
It all seemed surreal, and so divine
With seagulls and voices and ocean waves


Who knows, where tomorrow goes
The past is gone; will the future come?
Todayís all we got, so lets make it count
With you, what more could I ask?

The scene was set we didnít have a chance
The moon and the fire and the ocean waves
Our hearts filled with joy, as our souls they touched
It was loves first night on the beach till dawn


Twenty years have past and now we celebrate
With wine and cheese and chocolate cake
Every year we go to that very same beach
And our love lives on, eternally