• Hi, this is my first post here - with my song "I Love You, Always"
  • Started by James Delsono
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Hi everybody, I write songs under the name of James Delsono and this is my first post here.

Here's a song of mine I thought I'd introduce myself with; I finished writing it yesterday and it's called "I Love You, Always". Any and all feedback will be very welcome - thanks!


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Hi @James Delsono , welcome to the Kitchen!

thanks for joining!

a nice and relaxed song  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
me, myself, and Pie

Hi @Dutchbeat , thank you for your kind reply and thanks for having me! Can't wait to get more familiar with the forums, in due course.

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Hi @James Delsono , welcome! Make yourself at home :)

Thanks for sharing your first song with us!
The guitar and e-piano make for a very sweet-sounding combination. Really like those slow-strummed guitar chords in my left ear!

Listening on headphones right now, so take this with a grain of salt, but I thought the vocals might be a bit too up-front and dry, if it were up to me, I would add a bit of reverb on the vocals.

I like the heartfelt lyrics too. and what better first song to share with us than one about writing a love song!

Thanks so much, @Michael , for the kind welcome!

Yes, the vocals may well be a little too up-front and dry. My weakness, many tell me, is that I am seemingly unable to tell these things ... I am often told that my vocals need a little reverb, etc. . I also am not too sure about my own singing voice, which is why I consider myself a songwriter first and foremost - as opposed to a singer-songwriter; but no-one else will sing my songs, so I have to sing them myself, haha ... so I'd better learn all about reverb, etc., and improve!

Thanks for your kind comment about the lyrics, too. I was having trouble coming up with inspiration and just thought to myself: what would I say if this was the last song I ever wrote? Things flowed from there, lyrically :-)

Looking forward to contribute to this forum in the days to come - again, thanks for the very kind welcome :-)

@James Delsono - Welcome to the kitchen!! :)

Thanks for sharing with us your beautiful and peaceful melody :) I like the concept on which the lyrics are based and the atmosphere that the song generates.

I hope that you will enjoy this kitchen, itís a great space to share, learn and also collaborate with other creative kitcheners who all share the passion of songwriting :)

Rachel  ::Rachel::

Thanks @Rachel_D , very kind! I'm still finding my feet around here, but I love it already and hope to listen to as many people's work as possible as well as share some more of my own during the upcoming days :-) Thanks for the kind words about my song!

Hi James, Thanks for sharing that tune. I liked the chord changes in it. Key of B? With a sometimes move to F#. 

I might add just a hint of reverb to the vocal.  Very clear recording though and nice song!

Thanks @Timothy Smith !!! Key of B flat to start with, then yes, as you say, some F sharp / G flat chords :-)

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Hi @James Delsono , so glad to meet you.

Last saturday I went to a guitarists meeting, with a very good guitarist. And it's a two and a half hours drive (five total) so we had plenty of time. And self doubt was one of the things we talked about. And how hard it is to rise above it.

I think that all children are born with a natural love for colors, animals, music etc., but we are brought up (also at school) with 'positive comment ' that teaches us we're not nearly good enough, out of tune - you name it.

I typed out earlier an exercise for someone else to conquer your voice back and give you more confidence. So if you don't mind my doing so, i'll include a rather large piece of text here. I am not a native English speaker, so there may be some typos. If so, sorry for that.

This exercise goes as follows:

What you need is a good thick and dry towel, a glass of water and 10 minutes.

Stand near a wall. Roll the towel tight and hold it with two hands between your shoulder blades.
Depending on your length, stand approx. 25 to 30 centimeters from the wall. Put your feet approx. 20 to 25 centimeters apart. Put the towel/roll horizontally between your shoulders and the wall. And rest easily against it.

During preparation you can start humming to yourself. The volume is low. It only serves to warm up your vocal chords.

You will notice all kinds of triangles. Your back and legs, the floor and the wall. Your feet and legs. Etc. this means you can be reassured not to have to mind your balance. So you can relax and give your attention to other things.

When you are ready, you choose a favorite tone. It doesnít matter what tone you sing. You sing on a comfortable volume but concentrate on the quality of the tone. Alternate singing and humming? Perfect! After about 15 seconds, you try a tone, one note higher.

And after some 15 seconds later, you go back to the tone you started off with.

Then one down, same procedure.
When youíre finished, you go back to your starting point.

Then you go one up, another one up and back to you starting point
The same with one down, another one down
And back you the starting point.

All reasonably low volume.
All based on control of tone and control of your breath.

It is not an easy exercise. You will get tired, and you will get bored out of your skull if you donít watch out.

Thatís why I would recommend 10 minutes max. If boredom is getting too much, there are at least a 100 reasons why you Have to skip a day and another day.
If tone control and evenly breathing comes easy, then itís time to check if the tone above your favorite tone matches the quality of your favorite tone. Hey, itís not for nothing that that one is your favorite right? If you find that you hear a difference, try to make it sound as beautiful as the first one.

Do you have a teddy bear? Sit it before you and sing to your bear. It will give your tone direction. Youíll want to reach your bearís ears, donít you? Good try and make him/her happy.

The better you will be able to relax, the opener your tone will ring out.

Keep it light, keep it playful and record it, if you think that it will help.
If your key board can be close at hand, use it. You will train your ears in one big exercise! Donít drill please, itís not a military thing. Your tone will suffer if you do it because of discipline.

If you stand completely at ease, the second or third day, you can put your hands 5 centimeter under your navel. Make sure that your jeans donít fold or that the jeansí button isnít pressed into your skin. A light pressure is enough to make you feel what your breathing is doing. Because right under your navel, that is where you will control your breath. As soon as can Ďblindlyí feel how much breath and pressure is needed for what note, you will feel more at ease with your singing.

Tomorrow you pick another starting point. Keep track of what you do, or keep a logical system. Either way is OK.

Seems like a large chunk of text, huh?
But youíll find that most things in life are relatively easy, one you get the knack of it.
If you have any questions, please mail or put them here if you want to.

Try to isolate the tone that sounds best. And then gradually try to make other tones sound as beautiful as your best one.
Simple huh?
Good luck with developing a beautiful voice. Your beautiful voice. And welcome to the Kitchen.
Kind regards, Gus

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@James Delsono  - good songwriting here! welcome to the kitchen
recommending https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_Music_Works "How music works", book by David Byrne.

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Hi @James Delsono & welcome,
That is a beautiful song. Lovely piano & guitar and a vocal melody that fits perfectly.
Looking forward to hearing more.
valar morghulis

Thanks all!!!

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Really slick performance and solid writing. I agree with @MichaelA re the too up front and dry vocals and personally I'd consider changing the snare to something with a little more 'life' in it, the current one i s very dry and "dead" if that makes any sense? Minor production things only, song is good and strong.
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