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In My Shoes
on: March 16, 2018, 03:36:53
Hello there!    Greetings from Texas again!
Here is a Rap/Hip Hop Song I just finished up. 
Take a listen and give me your thoughts.


In my shoes
Iím just holding on
To a feeling that has long been gone
I hear you say I have everything left to lose
But the choice is up to you
Just take a few steps in my shoes

Verse 1 (Rap)
Iíve been calling and texting with no replies
And when we do connect and I finally got you on the line
Youíre so distracted like Iím not even on your mind
Saying your busy I say I believe you but I lie
Every second that Iím messaging Iím second guessing everything
And when I am with you I try to  just mentioning
Itís like you donít even pay attention to where the tension is
Either that your oblivious or make less of it.


Verse 2 (Rap)
But itís hard to not think back
When everything just started
I supported you when you had no one you was brokenhearted
Connection and the chemistry was something I never felt
My heart was pumping out of my chest I nearly fell
But I ended up falling harder than I never thought I ever would
But I guess the love I gave you was something you never understood
Cuz now Iím sitting here just thinking if it was real
Tell me the deal on how you really feel.


I try to understand and walk in your shoes
I wanna be your man I wanna be with you
I donít know where we stand
I donít know what to do
Donít wanna make a change
But I feel like I have to

Verse 3 Rap
Thereís some trauma in your past that makes it hard to be emotional
I see when you try but you donít know what you are supposed to do
Now Iím holding you and you are holding back tears
Cuz you donít like to show emotion hey thereís no reason to fear.

Chorus out.

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Re: In My Shoes
Reply #1 on: March 16, 2018, 04:42:56
holy dude.  I love the classic hip-hop duet style and that piano/bass groove kills with your smooth delivery.  That hook is candy!  I commented on the link, but I really liked the syncopation of the lyrics to the beat - like there is a separate song within a song going on - it makes the verses pop and makes me focus on the words, with the hook dropping back in time to do the soothing.

Re: In My Shoes
Reply #2 on: March 16, 2018, 12:37:34
I'll just echo everything that @Rabid Parrot said. This is seriously good stuff.

Love the artists on this. What a fantastic combo!!
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