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Re: "It's Over"
Reply #15 on: June 24, 2020, 15:43:15
Great whistle - I would have really made that a feature of this piece  - a la Morricone / Spaghetti western. Imagine leaving the song for a momentary interlude with that wonderful whistle (and pre-delay reverb) - a church bell and some intense strings - then coming back in to the tune with the skip of the verse... I can hear it anyway....and see the video!

A lovely song - full of melancholy - but the mix needs some attention. Vocal needs some EQ lift  and presence - and a better balance between guitar and voice.  I think a harmony here and there would also lift the important lyrics.

Great voice too.

hey.....Tolo,  I like your thinking. Thanks sooo much for your listening and commenting.
this song is #6 on the rock charts at Soundclick. Congrats.


It has been there a couple of days.


This is cool man.  Feels like it could fit into a Tarantino film. Haha. At one point, i was like "I hope he whistles" You didn't let me down. Nice work!

Thanks Neal!!!
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