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So...... Will and I did this "Live" or "live-ish"  ;)  I took the liberty of re-harmonizing Isle of Skye's very cool chiptune called "It's Crazy Out There" based upon the chord progression to "Red Clay" by Freddie Hubbard. I also created a bridge again using the same melody but the harmonized in a different way. I laid down electric piano and bass tracks first and then Will and I played drums and saxophone simultaneously. This made it a challenge as we had to nail it in one take but it gave us a good way to feel the song and hopefully show a bit of instrumental technique in the jazz idiom. I feel as though we were able to really convey the emotions of the song in a way that hopefully @IsleofSkye will like. :)

Some members may dismiss a chiptune as not being as valuable as other forms of music or maybe even question whether it is a song. But, for whatever reason I found myself very drawn to this melody -

Our covers:
Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKrcPv2MVA0&feature=youtu.be
Audio - https://soundcloud.com/user-134880601/its-crazy-out-there

I understand that this is somewhat rough but I'm not really looking for any production advice/ review type stuff. It's just a father and son playing music together and it is fun! That's what it is all about!  :) Thanks for the use of your melody @IsleofSkye !!!

This performance is dedicated to:
 @Mar T. and our other Kitchen friends
Wayne Gasiorek
in memory of the late great Grover Washington Jr. -RIP       (Melissa and I went to a Grover concert for our second date  :)  probably one of his very last concerts....)   
Shades of Joy
Ron Luis Dahn - RIP

Songwriter, Keyboards, Arranger, Producer & Engineer for November Sound

November Sound is based on the Mother, Father & Son musical trio of Melissa, Bill & Will. I'm the father so anything I post will have my wife singing and/or my son playing percussion.

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Hi Bill and Will  ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::

@Bill from November Sound , i thought that was great! I listened and watched the you tube video. I know you specifically not asked for responses and reviews  ;D ;D ;D, but i thought that was very cool  ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::
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OH MY GOSH!! THAT'S SO AWESOME!! Such a creative treatment to that tune!! It works so well with that Jazzy sound and other bits you added! Thank you so much for covering this, @Bill from November Sound I can't wait to see more from you and your family in the future. :) please keep doing what you're doing!
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Ooooh that's beautiful @Bill from November Sound and Will! Yes Will you nailed it 'for once'  ;) ;) indeed!! And Bill, man, I already knew, but you can play a sax!
I looved what you 2 did to @IsleofSkye 's excellent chiptune, that's so creative.. Very cool jazzy sound indeed!
Great to see that vid that shows how skilled you 2 are to record both the drums and sax in one take. Impressive!
What kind of drumset is Will using Bill?
Haha dedicated to me and our other kitchen friends? Wow I'm (and I'm sure we're all) honoured!
Thank you 2 for joining our Cover Comp, excellent entry!
Karma for both  ;) ;) (Added to your account @Bill from November Sound haha)
I'm proud of this track, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/martimedia/dreams

Thank you @Dutchbeat .....and thanks for bringing me back ;)  Ha,ha I guess I may have worded that a little harshly :) I meant I don't need any production advice.....We improvised it on the spot, we recorded it, it happened, it was fun and that's all. It may be slightly esoteric.

@IsleofSkye love the melody friend! Got this one stuck in my head and then we just jammed on it!

@Mar T. thank you! Our takes were all improvised so sometimes I'd nail the solo other times he'd nail the solo...finally we got one where we both hit it on the head. (Every single take that we made was completely different as it is all spontaneously composed.) Will is using an Alesis DM8 to trigger a "modern vintage kit" running native from Superior Drummer/Easy Drummer. No quantizing or editing whatsoever for this challenge. It's 100% what was played.*

* note from Will - at one point the E-drums interpreted a buzz on the snare while he was actually playing very fast single strokes

** note from Bill - most people wouldn't know that unless they are really into drums  :)

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 ;D ;D ;D ;D just to be sure, Will and Bill
also known as @Bill from November Sound, but then without the super vocal
a great take, and great playing from you guys  ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::

i wil be sending a load of karma points for this now......so watch out  ::dj:: ::dj:: ::dj:: ::dj::

This is sounding extremely cool! Amazing development on @IsleofSkye concept .. I love it! :) great teamwork! :) Karma!
Rachel  ::Rachel::

Thank you @Rachel_D ! That is much appreciated!
Teamwork = playing music with my teenage son... I'm very fortunate. :)

That was brilliant, and such an enjoyable listen :o And Wow! you can play a mean sax, @Bill from November Sound   ::thumb::
And this is even more impressive, with your son playing drums with you   ::Dutch::
1st time I've heard of a chiptune, but what a great interpretation of @IsleofSkye  tune  ::heart::
Thanks for honoring our lovely little Kitchen  ::Suzy::

Thank you @CrystalSuzy ! That is greatly appreciated, especially from a fellow horn player.  :)
The whole middle section is improvised by both of us so it made it a great challenge and a number of tries for us both to get it right. :)

Will listens to a lot of newly released EDM music and chiptunes can go pretty big! They always have that 8bit "super mario bros kind of sound .... but they can also get to be quite embellished with the modern dubstep, drum & bass or future bass arrangements.  @IsleofSkye made one that had such a cool melody so we went the other way and turned it into a jazz song. 

I just listened again.......a very cool jazz piece. Very, very cool that this is a family affair.
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Thank you @Leonard Scaper !
Will is my right hand man!

......you know how it works....... have a child pay $$$$$ for drum lessons......years later you have a band. :D  :)
We both study jazz. We just don't play it too often as most of our gigs are top 40. 

We just don't play it too often as most of our gigs are top 40.

That jazz perspective must make for some very interesting top 40 interpretations at times.  ;)

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Mario meets Weather Report or Soft Machine ... lol  great sounds guys and a nice musical extension to the original melody and grove. :-)
"Love and Life is all about connections"

@MrBouzouki  Weather Report?!!! -  :) awww gee thanks Mr. B!  :)  If you are comparing me favorably to the legendary Wayne Shorter I humbly and gratefully accept the compliment.

@Leonard Scaper - yes maybe and sometimes it is actually good thing..... other times it really confuses people ;)


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