• Kyte Take Flyte - ZAGWAX (words and music by George Karadimos)
  • Started by George Karadimos
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Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all!!


“Kyte Take Flyte"

Your love, it wasn't free. It cost me much misery, and I'm broke, but I've become aware today.

Bye now, I know
you’ve got somewhere else to go,
but we’re living downtown
and I’m feeling cool
We spent our days
wandering round peering through the haze
we were learning ‘bout life
in our private school


Bye now, live right
run real fast and let your kite take flight
until it’s a little dot
punctuating the sky
Take care. Write soon.
I’ll kiss your face on the next full moon
I’ll smoke a little herb
so I can get that high

Your love, it wasn't free. It cost me much misery, and I'm broke, but I've become aware today.

So long, farewell
I know you've got a lot of love to sell
Did it work out the way that you had planned?
Croon the words, don't hum
Keep on strumming and the chords will come,
but you're never gonna be in a PJ Harvey cover band

Your love, it wasn't free. It cost me much misery, and I'm broke, but I've become aware today.

You used me!
I used you!
I got mine
You got yours too!
You used me!
I used you!
I got mine
and she's almost 2.
ZAGWAX - https://soundcloud.com/zagwax
Them F'n Guys - https://soundcloud.com/themfnguys

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Great tune!!!

My foot started tapping immediately. These lyrics are pretty cool and they flow nicely. The vocal delivery is strong as well. Everything about this production fits.

Nice sound on the drums....I like that little stop thing after "I'm broke" in those prechoruses. That really works!
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Nice catchy song @George Karadimos

I really like your voice, I think you'd sound great doing some alt-country type songs.

I must have a thing about drums this morning - this is the second song I've just listened to from the songs for review board, where I think the drums are too busy. For me, they don't seem to fit the feel I'm getting from the song.

But other than that it all works for me.


Catchy and well sung @George Karadimos .
Cool that you put some  original lyrics into a country rock tune -made me smile.
I tend to agree with @Jurgen that a simpler drum track might suit the song better-  keep those stops though!
What is the flute sound ? It has an almost Strawberry Fields tone- again, original and good.


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Liked this, @George Karadimos  specially the line "never gonna be in a PJ Harvey cover band"
Agrreeing with @Jurgen & @robertkc  about the drums, -which can easily be fixed.
recommending https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_Music_Works "How music works", book by David Byrne.

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I looked up zagwax in G trans late. Looks like I'm not the only one who's completely in the dark about the meaning of that word.
Please be aware that there are many around who are not native speakers. Including G Trans. Not Trans Gender but Trans Late.
I like the drums, busy or not, so sorry to Oorlab. He's always right but, very Dutch, not quite always.
I could easily get used to this kind of deceptively simple music. And alt country and alt shoegaze are not that far apart. Let the voice determine the melody.

Great! Love it!
Kind regards, Gus

Thank you all for the feedback and kind words. FYI- “zagwax” is a word I made up. Lol. This was a very personal lyric. I’ll expand on that in another post when I get a moment.