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on: April 30, 2021, 08:05:40
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Good morning
In the past, I have posted a series of bilingual songs.
In fact, this is a bilingual one too.
The English version is posten in Ďingredientsí under Prompt Writing. The name is Loose Cannon.
The song I have posted here is a protest song.

First, the meat lobby tried to get the Dutch government to forbid meat like things (but no real meat of course) to be sold with a reference to the kind of meat they intend to replace.
So veggie burgers must be forbidden, because there is no real meat involved. Their concern is not that the client is not able to choose. They are concerned that the veggie succes is ultimately decreasing their turnover and margin.

De Vegetarische Slager was bought by Unilever, a larger multinational in the food sector.
McDonalds now has a vegetarian and a vegan variety for their buns with burgers and cheese burgers.

Now that the lobby lost their case in the Netherlands, they are trying to convince the EU. In vain I guess. I hope.

This is an unashamedly Dutch song, with a hickeldy pickeldy/olleke bolleke chorus.
There are many low frequency words in this song as it serves a certain purpose.
Itís really impossible to translate.

Having said that, this is the song.

Bij wijze van ode aan de wijzen hier, heb ik de zang iets harder gemixt. Of het op den duur (mij) gaat bevallen?
We gaan het zien.



Ref I
Keuringsdienst van waren
Achterhaald instituut
Waar geen greintje humor
Of zo inzit

Ref II
ít Valt niet te begrijpen
Sabelbont Kogelbief
Maar je gebit!

Blijven ze blijmoedig deemoedig
Nee hoor, ze blunderen maar door
Eerst in NL op hun bek gegaan
Dus Brussel ja, ze gaan ervoor

ít Is wel een geoliede lobby
Het mag wat kosten tenslotte
Dat het dus kant noch wal lijkt te slaan
Gloof maar, het kan ze niet verrotten

Met ďgehacktí breng je ze op ideeŽn
Hebben de kipstuckjes gehackt
ít Is ondertussen Unilever
Pis niet lauw, rustig geroerbackt

Gefundenes fressen Ė advocaat
Gaat lunchen, declareert een rug
Kost een paar knaken? Nou dat mag
Wees wijs, fluit die lobby maar trug


Kijk, tegen de vegetarische slager konden ze natuurlijk makkelijk hun grote meelmuil open trekken. Maar intussen is het Unilever, wat er op de wrapping (verpakking hŤ?) staat. Nou eens kijken of ze nog steeds zo'n grote bek opzetten. Ik denk dat de toon behoorlijk zal worden gematigd.

Affijn, enjoy!

Vriendelijke groet, Gus

Re: Lamsorensalade
Reply #1 on: May 02, 2021, 23:17:43
Real 90's indie vibe going on - 3 electric guitars working well together.

Maybe just a bit long for my liking...but you're the artist :-)


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Re: Lamsorensalade
Reply #2 on: May 06, 2021, 07:29:28
« Last Edit: May 06, 2021, 08:13:11 by LePlongeur »
Hoi hoi @CarlDavies
I think itís really wonderful that you took the trouble to listen to a song with a very strange and abstract title.
And indeed very much an 80ís/90ís sounding song. Certainly the backing is firmly shoe gaze.
The singing is rooted in the sunshine pop. An eccentric mixture.

The meat lobby/farmers lobby is extremely powerful. Itís one the most subsidised branches.

And every country gets its share of that. In France, two years ago, lavender was heavily subsidised, so all kinds of land were ploughed and planted with lavender. To be left to rot as soon as the subsidy was roped in.

Itís not really farming. Itís maximising the subsidies.

So, to be short, hereís a very unexpected way to write lyrics, and you latched on to that.

Edit: you didnít reflect on my use of the hickeldy pickled verse form. Which is an verse form originating in/from England. And I celebrate that. I think that with some 1000 hickeldy pickled songs, am the largest-user of that verse form.

Thank you for listening!
Kind regards, Gus;