• Lance Houck - "Caterpillar" from the album "Let There Be Music"
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Hey Everyone. My name is Lance Houck.

This is a song from my 2015 album "Let There Be Music" called "Caterpillar"...


By: Lance Houck from the album "Let There Be Music"

I walked by the old school my grandmother once attended...
She used to eat the caterpillars that would crawl along the jungle gym...
She grew up healthy and strong...healthy and strong...
Plenty of protein...

(c) 2015 Capuchin Monkey Publishing

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Hi Lance, thanks for joining! welcome to our kitchen
lyrics... a bit weird perhaps  ;D ;D ;D ;D...but great music! in my opinion

sounds very good, let me start with awarding you your welcome karma points....watch out..... ;D ;D ;D
[/Incoming.........Karma points!!!!glow]
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Thanks very much for the warm welcome! Glad you enjoyed the song. Yes, the lyrics are a bit abstract, but so are many artists. This particular album was influenced by "SMiLE" from the Beach Boys so of course the feel will come off quite abstract.

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