• Lean In - Raw Studio Mix - Production Expert Ears help please!
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Hello Kitcheners!

Recorded this in studio a while back and just got the mix - he's not completely done so I need to send him notes asap to incorporate. I don't get real STEMs from him just bounces of the tracks that make up the final mix he sends (although we are going to go down and copy all the raw data over at some point in the near future).. so the mix is important. @Mar T. and @Jambrains will remember mixing already treated tracks for me on Fate before (and what a wonderful job they did on the limited raw material I gave them!!)...

So I would REALLY appreciate any notes any of you can give me on the mix to throw back at the engineer while I have him focussed on this. Thanks in advance for lending this your ears  ;D  I posted a home recording of this before but it was much slower but some of you will have listened to this track before!

Note: Engineer has multiple takes of all parts - ON my first few listens I think he's used dodgey BV takes from bridge onwards, so although I'm saying mix only, I can ask him to swap around takes etc. :-)


Lean In:

Verse 1:
Do as I say, don't do it that way
Stand up, sit down, watch me change it all around
Look down, look up, eyes open, eyes shut
Hands under your chin, lean out, lean in

I know who I want you to be
So lean in and trust me
X 2

Verse 2:
Walk tall, walk straight, head back, don't wait
Be proud, be shy, work hard but don't try
Open up, speak less, be clear but make them guess
Be something to everyone but everything to no-one


It's inside out, you're in, I'm out
You might be the one they need
But they see me as the hand that feeds

cool song! really like the chorus. the melody on the lean word there!

heres my 2.
i hear some acoustic guitars that are really really thined out. i know its a comon thing to do in dense mixes but it sounds
a bit like unplugged elctric guitars to me. electric sounds super nice imo. the lead has really very high dubs on it..?
more like a choir.

feels a bit busy mixwise to my ears. a lot of top end sizzle. i feel its leaning a little bit to the left. both the drums and the electric seems to be
sitting a little bit to the left or have some more energy there somehow.

in my listening environment and my speakers and this brain etc... :)


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Just had a few quick listens on crappy phones, will listen more when I get back home but so far (and just my personal opinions)

- I think the electrics playing between the vocal phrases in the chorus is a bit to up front.
- Perhaps (but I'm not sure yet) the vox is a tad to up front (or it may be the low freq thing, see below). Will listen more and gte back
- Seems that there is bit of a "hole" freq wise in the lower mids/bass. The kick and the bass are not that full and esp. the bass is toned down but there is nothing filling that space so the total effect (for me) is a mix leaning (haha!) to the high freqs. Could be an eq thing, or maybe the bass guitar needs to come up a bit (or it could be the acoustics, see below).
- The acoustic guitars (esp. one of them in the side) seems rather heavily eq (or maybe it is the guitar themselves) but in any case I find them lacking "body". For one of them I don't hear much but the pick attack. Think the mix would be more balanced if the guitars were fuller and probably the instrumental would balance/glue better with the vocals.

I'll listen more and get back later. Great song btw!
Let man's petty nations tear themselves apart
My land's only borders lie around my heart


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Hi @Zedd

re: the mix - I listened and nothing really stood out to me as being an issue and then I read @tuff bransch comments and I can now hear those "issues".

It does seem mixed to the left and there's no real depth of sound - I'm on headphones SD 201s which I think give quite a good range - and the track sounds like songs used to sound on transistor radios (I'm old!) and there was no bass speaker.

btw I like the song - nice catchy tune and your vocals sound really good.


Hi Zedd,

Not a production expert.....but love the songs.

Got a real happy feel and has a cool 60s vibe.

Great lyrics and love the vocals.


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Thanks all for listening and giving feedback.... I think I have a few days to be honest before he'll get to it again.. I agree the panning seems a little mucked up among other things. I've passed to my recording mates also and they're coming back with similar feedback.. although not as detailed as yours so thank you so much for that...

I'm definitely going to ask him to get me the raw tracks of the takes he used in the revised mix...
Again appreciate your taking the time to listen and give feedback.   ::thumb::

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Hey @Zedd , great to hear this version! I completely agree with @Jambrains so I can save myself some time. Well fed-back Johan! I'm not sure about the lead-vocal level, I think it's just right (but there's that spring reverb again, personal taste, but I'd choose another reverb on the vox)..
I hope that was helpful!
I'm proud of this track, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/martimedia/dreams

@Zedd I hear what @Jambrains is referring to in the low mids. But I disagree that bringing the low mids up is needed in this track. The 'hole' is actually giving the track that trippy stereo vibe, which works in my opinion. But I do agree with the previous comments on the stereo balance leaning to the left. A suggestion to the mix engineer is to use a plugin that forces low end frequencies to mono. If he knows his craft he will know what I am talking about. You have such a great voice. This critique is a personal preference. When I hear a great vocal I want to feel it in the center commanding the track. The spread vocals during the verse take away the attention on the vocal, which is the star of the show.

@Zedd agree with @acoustic-alice, this one is a keeper! Its not only catchy; the lyric is clever.

 I won't be giving any technical tips on the mix as I have no which to give everybody else on this forum to fall around laughing!  :D

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Re: Lean In - Raw Studio Mix - Production Expert Ears help please!
Reply #10 on: November 24, 2016, 21:39:11
« Last Edit: November 24, 2016, 22:17:28 by Zedd »
@cosignsessions and @Mar T. thank you for that.. I've fed back the notes from this thread... We'll see what I get back.. Progress is slooooooooowwwwwww......

Thanks so much @acoustic-alice - it's lovely to see you back on here!

@Olbigead - very kind, sir! I thank you! Oh, and I'm equally challenged technically :)

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Re: Lean In - Raw Studio Mix - Production Expert Ears help please!
Reply #11 on: November 25, 2016, 16:27:27
ha, a beautiful and catchy song!
 ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::
great vocals, with lovely backing vocals!
two tiny things: on the bridge the first vocal lines seem a bit soft (volumewise)
and....i would have like it if on the last chorus, or last chorus repeat, that rim shot could be changed into a bit stronger snare sound, and perhaps some extra instrument (to take the song home)

extra karma points from me for this track @Zedd

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