• Mending God`s Shoe (Robertkc/Lenny/Dutchbeat Kitchen Collab. Entry)
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Though I told @Leonard Scaper  & @Dutchbeat  I`d no idea what the lyrics meant...I really do ;D
and still not telling, to encourage you to script something completely different.

I was not fooled @robertkc !!! I knew those lyrics came from someplace within.  ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

aahhh, but now.....i want to know... @robertkc  :yes: :yes: :yes: for the purpose of getting the 'video' right....PM me.. ;D ;D ;D ;D and @Leonard Scaper about the lyrics....

we want to know  :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
me, myself, and Pie

Fantastic. Shouldn't really work but it does and I really enjoyed it. It's one of those songs tat is so strong it could work in any styles- I could imagine everything from a 1-1 folky performance to a banging club track. Congratulations!

This kinda sounds like Daan - for those who know his music. And the "Mending God's shoe"-line really makes you think, doesn't it?
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Absolutely great and intriguing lyrics with Leonard Cohen type of treasures I adore. Wonderful how this 'collab' works out.
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Thanks for sending me to listen to Daan @siennalittle - hadn`t heard of him before.
Also I appreciate your comment about Mr Cohen @Charlie ... was certainly inspired by him on this write.