• Million Years To Fall
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Million Years To Fall
on: October 16, 2019, 20:59:56
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I originally wrote the lyrics to this song waaay back in the day,
but the chord progression was lacking, so fast forward when I got better at guitar and singing I re wrote it
Would like some honest opinions as always...thanks guys!!!


Re: Million Years To Fall
Reply #1 on: October 28, 2019, 23:04:09
Honest opinion... there is some good music in there... but it’s covered up with too many layers.
The rhythm guitar sounds great but there are too many lead tracks over the top.

Also there is no arc to the arrangement.

The piece could be greatly improved just through the use of subtracting layers and some automation of the various tracks. In particular, automating the volume on that rhythm guitar could provide some expression in a “call and response” manner with the vocals.

Let the rhythm guitar be featured at the beginning and then slowly introduce the tastiest leads... a bit at a time.  I really liked the leads at about 3:15 through about 3:40 or so... that should be the high point in the arc.

The vocals have a bit of the same problem... less is more. Keep the best parts and delete the rest.

I liked the ending a lot but didn’t like the way it was introduced as an abrupt disconnect... I wouldn’t mind if it overlapped a bit with the vocals.

It’s a keeper! And worth putting a bit more work into the mix.

Thank you for sharing! 😎

Re: Million Years To Fall
Reply #2 on: October 29, 2019, 12:26:16
Excellent critique by @1roomstudio !

less is more. Keep the best parts and delete the rest.

That is a hard thing to learn early on as a self recording songwriter but it definitely is one of the most important things to wrap your head around.

I really like the vibe and the realness of the vocal performance and I think some arrangement massaging would make this a seriously good tune.

For instance....right at the top you could let that rhythm guitar slip in under the lead and then have the instrumental stage by itself as you bring in the vocals....stuff like that.
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