• Mix/Production/Master service for Kitcheners!-Tiago won the free production!
  • Started by Mar T.
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Well done @Tiago.Mendes.Rodrigues and have fun following your song being Jambrainified !

@Jambrains shall I close this thread (later this week) for replies and do you start a new thread where we can follow (and interact with you about) the process?

I think we're going to make this a recurring event, so maybe we should add a section specifically for mix/production/master help (and free giveaways for kitcheners)..
But first lets see how this first project will develop.
Good luck!!

@Mar T. , yes please close it. Waiting for the files from @Tiago.Mendes.Rodrigues at the moment but as soon as I'll get them and had time to listen a bit I'll start a new thread, beginning with my "analysis" and what I hope to achieve with the new mix.

Mar T.: Ok @Jambrains it's closed, good luck! And may the compression be with you  ;D ;D ;D
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Fortunately I can respond to closed threads. ;D

I just wanted to say one more thing: Very good choice @Jambrains ! I'm curious how this will turn out! And I expect to learn a lot...!