• My new EP ''Cleverland''
  • Started by Introverse77
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My new EP ''Cleverland''
on: May 02, 2019, 13:24:42

This is something I've been working on lately. It's mostly instrumental  stuff. Two of the songs called ''Metric'' and ''Korta'' are for guitarist contest im participating in. Song ''Poison'' is the one with singing, which was a bit of a drag for me...Please enjoy and have a good day!

Re: My new EP ''Cleverland''
Reply #1 on: May 02, 2019, 13:25:33

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Re: My new EP ''Cleverland''
Reply #2 on: May 02, 2019, 16:55:43
Listening here in my office......the first piece ("Cleverland") is very nice. I like the tone you have going here. Nice transition in "Korta"....totally different feel.

This is good stuff....nice guitar work. Going to let the whole album play through.
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Re: My new EP ''Cleverland''
Reply #3 on: May 02, 2019, 17:38:44
And letís face it:
Cleverland is a  much better idea than Neverland.
Iíll have to listen later, but already now iím won over for the idea.
Good luck with your contest!!!
Kind regards, Gus

Re: My new EP ''Cleverland''
Reply #4 on: May 02, 2019, 20:35:59
Peace and light radiates this composition, Great job!

Re: My new EP ''Cleverland''
Reply #5 on: May 09, 2019, 11:51:17
Hi @Introverse77

I like the sound of the guitars and the different colors between one theme and another. Good job.
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Re: My new EP ''Cleverland''
Reply #6 on: May 09, 2019, 13:45:34
soothing what I've heard so far.
Very nice.