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on: December 13, 2018, 19:59:52
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So I went a bit from the celtic feel this time in writing a song with a more classical direction. This song represents a lot of firsts for me and some things learned along the way to make the process better next time.
First off, I used a different DAW than I usually do because that DAW has a cool notation program associated with it.This was the first time I used this DAW along with the notation. I have read notation for a long time. This was the first time I made notation from one of my songs.
I made a few mistakes, like grabbing a screen shot for Youtube from my iPad instead of my desktop. THis made the video on Youtube smaller...lessons learned. I love the sound of a real pipe organ and had the pleasure to hear one a few weeks ago. Maybe this led to this song?
Here is the soundcloud track-  https://soundcloud.com/starise/naige

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Reply #1 on: December 13, 2018, 21:33:54
@Timothy Smith  I like that spine tingling pipe organ range and the blend of folk song and classical  elements here is a joyful sound.
The voices being another instrumental layer is cool.
Your knowledge of notation and applying that to songwriting sounds good even at this early stage. The only  comment I`d make is that the piece opens a little abruptly - perhaps that`s intentional and just my thinking about church organ music which in my (distant) memory I heard with  a couple of opening bars on the organ.


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Reply #2 on: December 14, 2018, 15:26:47

Thank you for listening and for your comments.  I wish I had more control over the dynamics with the organ.
Pipe organ must be one of the toughest instruments to control volume on. Instead of a volume pedal you have a swell pedal that doesn't control total volume.  Imagine it like an orchestra adding instruments on and off during a concert. That's the way the organ works. It adds  pipes here and there. It is louder when more pipes are added but not in the controlled way most instruments are. The only way to get a smaller sound is probably with a smaller organ.  :)

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Re: Naige'
Reply #3 on: December 15, 2018, 00:53:26
Hi @Timothy Smith , it is nice to hear a new, original voice in the kitchen. I thought your composition was very accomplished.

On the production side of things it was perhaps a little shrill, although I hear your comments on controlling the dynamics of the organ. But with a bit of EQ smoothing, you might be able to sort that out.

But this is a really promising intro to your work and I hope to hear more of it, thanks!  ::thumb::
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Re: Naige'
Reply #4 on: December 15, 2018, 01:28:19
... and a Baroque Yuletide to you @Timothy Smith as  Bach meets festive cheer.

Since old Bach is credited as being the first 'bass-player' ;-),  adding some nice solid bottom end would give a nice earthy feel and perhaps counteract the top-heavy sound that @MichaelA mentioned. Are we just hearing a lack of bass not too much top ?

Feeling all festive now

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Reply #5 on: December 17, 2018, 02:04:21
@MichaelA  and @ MrBouzouki   thank you for your comments.

You know when you feel deep down that  you know what an instrumental needs and then a few fellow members confirm that?  This is what happened here. I knew it sounded slightly shrill. In the case of the bass I intentionally reduced the overpowering bass the organ had because it was killing the rest of the mix. I think I took out a bit too much  bass.

Concerning mid range hype, you would think it an easy fix. In this case it isn't going so easily.  I have some decent EQ's. I played for over an hour last evening and  thought I had a decent balance. In the end comparing tracks I took too much edge off of it. Couldn't seem to get it just the way I hear it yet.  I can get the organ to sound decent solo'd. When brought into the whole mix the master feel changes for the worse. The thing with the organ is if you take the  mid range edge off of it it no longer sounds like a real organ. So I'm still messing with it. The good news is the midrange natural bump makes it sit well in cheaper systems. Laptop speakers and the like. The bad news is my numbers on it so far are dismal, partially because I split it with YouTube and I drifted from my listener base....that , and people have no interest in classical music any more it seems. A man must go with his heart though no matter what it brings him.

Re: Naige'
Reply #6 on: December 18, 2018, 01:58:21
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Hi, interesting. I think the same as @robertkc about the intro. A strange although a little shrill trip to a palatial room of any king of the past
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Re: Naige'
Reply #7 on: December 18, 2018, 13:07:27
Nice piece @Timothy Smith .With regard to @MichaelA 's comments......I listened on good headphones and I was thinking right away that you had the whole thing a bit on the hot side. Perhaps you are tracking a bit hot....trying to fix that on the back end with EQ is never going to make you smile.
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Re: Naige'
Reply #8 on: December 18, 2018, 15:25:26
@Mora Amaro La Loba, Thank you for listening and for your comments.

@Leonard Scaper ,  Thank you for you comments.I will look at the levels on this. I  liked the older dB system. I'm using LUFS now. I appreciate you giving this a critical listen.  I'll see if I can reduce it somewhat. I'm also considering  an intro to slowly bring the song in with.

Re: Naige'
Reply #9 on: December 20, 2018, 03:11:03
If you get the time to listen again I would appreciate it. I have made corrections based on your comments.

-I added an intro to the music so it didn't seem as if you entered it mid stream.

- I did some extensive corrections to both levels, reverb and EQ

It might be my setup in the studio here with regard to volume. When I listen to this track now it doesn't seem loud enough unless I go past 50% volume. Seems quiet the other side of 50% Maybe I'm going deaf.

I didn't change the YouTube Version. Only SC.


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Re: Naige'
Reply #10 on: December 20, 2018, 19:16:51
This music moves me to all those dream environments that surrounded the kings and their courtiers.
Congratulations for this good job