• New Album "helloWorld" / Christmas Song "Cristmas Kiss"
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Hey folks,

I will be releasing a Christmas Song shortly "Christmas Kiss" available here : https://soundcloud.com/trevorgilligan/christmas-kiss
Which then brings me onto my 1st album, entitled "helloWorld", available here : https://soundcloud.com/trevorgilligan/

I have not officially released these songs yet but I did want to put them on songwriters kitchen to a) give out some new ideas & b) see what members thought.

Track listing: https://soundcloud.com/trevorgilligan/outro-helloworld

All views welcome.
Happy Christmas Friends.

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Re: New Album "helloWorld" / Christmas Song "Cristmas Kiss"
Reply #1 on: December 17, 2017, 15:11:25
sounding very pro. The drums from 0.32 are ma\y be a bit too prominent.
Cool melody and fine vocal sound. The part from 0.08 - 0.14 is a bit low in the mix.
the tag #piano is a bit vague to me.

good luck @TrevorGilligan with the album and enjoy the christmas time.
new guitar 4-6-2020 https://soundcloud.com/oorlab/12string-demo1 12string Cort.

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Re: New Album "helloWorld" / Christmas Song "Cristmas Kiss"
Reply #2 on: December 17, 2017, 16:58:04
Thanks for reply, which song are you referring to? Trev

Lance Houck - "Caterpillar" from the album "Let There Be Music"

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