• New June/May Song - The End (quite dark song this time...)
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Hi you all,

we have a new song online and it would be great to hear your thoughts. Something very different for me, quite dark and electronic (no piano this time). Any comments and suggestions are highly welcome.


We walked a thousand miles,
held each other for a while,
then we began to understand,
this is where our road ends.

The end is coming near,
The end is what we fear,
It's time to start anew my friend.

We run through our lifes,
though we struggled we survived.
Here we are, we don't know why.
Is there truth in all the lies?

Ah, yes, and this is the final song of our third compilation of songs (called "March"). So if you want to give the whole set of 10 songs a try, please do so - here: https://soundcloud.com/june_may/sets/march-third-album-in-progress  ;-)

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This is really good stuff! I love the atmosphere and the production.The singing is lovely and I love the subtle harmonies on the chorus,this seems to be the popular way to do harmonies at the moment,especially in pop.Its almost like your not sure if they're there at all. ;D

Well done!  ::thumb::

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Another nice one! I really like the sound of your productions! ::headphone::
To me the song / lyrics seem a bit too "simple" relating to the subject. But that's a matter of taste of course.
Love the sound of the guitar solo. It is a guitar solo, right? ;D



thanks to all of you for your nice comments. Yes, creating an atmospheric sound was my goal so if I achieved this I am glad ;-)

Agree, the lyrics are somewhat simple. I did not have much time to work on them to be honest... I liked the melody more. There will be more interesting songs (lyrically-wise) in the near future.

@Mark Luto : no, in fact it is not a guitar sound but a synth in the solo.



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