• New JuneMay Song - The Stage (the final song of our 4th album!)
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Hi you all,

first of all I need to apologize for not being very present in the last couple of weeks. I have moved to a new position in my department which is more demanding than I had anticipated... I will try to come back here more often...

Well here you find our new song "The Stage": https://soundcloud.com/june_may/the-stage

It is the final (=10th) song of our 4th album "April". In fact it is based on a very old chord progression in the verse that I wrote maybe 20 years ago but which has never been recorded. I played it some time ago and this song emerged out of nowhere ;-)

Your feedback would be highly appreciated.

Best and thanks!


An empty hall an empty stage.
The lights go out one by one.
I hear the echos in the dark
of tragedy and drama long long gone.

Although the courtain falls today,
the show will go on, the show must go on.
As I stare at the scene of what we've become,
what have we done?

A love once perfect and complete.
Turned into a tragedy.
We both played our parts so well.
We were too blind to see...

Cm | Es sus2 | Bb | Es / G |
F | Gm | Bb | Es | F | Gm | B | dm

@junemay   Very nice composition. The key of C minor, which is often a key associated with struggle, imo is perfect for this song. Very fortunate that Carina seems to be able to sing in any key.



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Oh I always love listening to your work @junemay Fabian and Carina!
This was no exception! What a beauty!
The instrumental sounds perfect to me, nice instrumentation.. I love those subtle piano notes (adds nice to the acoustic guitar), beautiful guitar solo (and licks later on)!
Carina 'zingt de sterren van de hemel' (as we say that in Dutch.. meaning she sings beautiful).
The chosen chord progressions work perfectly for these sad lyrics..
I have nothing to 'fault' on the production department, this sounds awesome imo!
Well done guys and thanks for sharing this beauty with us!

I'm proud of this track, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/martimedia/dreams

The key of C minor, which is often a key associated with struggle, imo is perfect for this song. Very fortunate that Carina seems to be able to sing in any key.

Very interesting observation @Vince . I get that as I listen.

This piece feels big...it's a grand arrangement and an excellent performance.
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The clarity of the acoustic guitar is outstanding, and a quite simple layering of other instruments gives this track subtle drama. Very controlled, especially how the song builds up almost imperceptibly towards the end. Very moody end to your album, well performed, a song which really does sound like the end of the show. very good!  ::thumb::
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Hi @Vince , @Leonard Scaper , @Mar T. , @MichaelA

thank you all for listening and your comments. I honestly never think a lot about which key a song is being played in but I agree, I tried some other keys for this one and Cm worked definitively best...

Originally I was working on an orchestral arrangement only but I did not quite like this so much and added the accoustic guitars late in the production process ( @MichaelA , they are all fake by the way, in this case Strummed Accoustic 2 from Native Instruments and AGG from Amplesound for the Solo).

All the best!


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A gem of a song @junemay

 ::OSMAN:: ::OSMAN:: ::OSMAN::
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Hi @MrBouzouki ,

thank you very much for listening and your nice comment!



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