• new little virtual rock collab between Monty Cash Music and Budha Building
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Little "stoner" "grunge" rock collab from (me, the synth man  ;) )@budhabuilding and @Monty Cash Music

btw acoustic guitar, vocals, and harmonica are real, the rest are fake... all virtual  ;D


enjoy ;-)

Just set all my solo  music free at https://budhabuilding.bandcamp.com

I like how this whole thing works.......love that freewheeling raw harmonica.
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The only thing thatís fake @budhabuilding , is the news. As you perfectly well know.

You use unusual instruments maybe but fake? I donít think so.
What a collab!

I like it a lot.
Kind regards, Gus

Thanks for bringing this together @budhabuilding , I've great respect for your work!
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hi @budhabuilding and @Monty Cash Music , that sounds great  ::headphone:: ::headphone:: ::headphone:: very cool, great voice with an cool attitude  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: bass and drums sound awesome  ::headphone:: ::headphone:: ::headphone:: super clear mix, rock solid!!!!
me, myself, and Pie

Thanks heaps for listening @Dutchbeat

It's given me ideas about developing a soft-core metal band. Soft-core because I really don't want to scream... except maybe for blues sometimes on the street, but that's different!  ;) :D

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That was really a fertile collab!  Congrats to you both! ;D :ok:
Sounds complete!