• New Song Acoustic : Simply Beautiful . Love making this song
  • Started by Daud Aur Yahudy
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shalom . this is my very first time recording and playing my acoustic . It was an interesting experience being that im a rookie at it . But overall i think it came out ok .  Hope all is well with the Group . its great to have a place to share music .

Here it the Song is titled " Simply Beautiful "

It's simply beautiful !


I love your voice and your singing style! This is a fine production....especially for a first time experience.

Really enjoying this listen @Daud Aur Yahudy
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Very nice @Daud Aur Yahudy  !

A nice Spring time mellow jam.  :)

Ya know, I tried jamming slong with this on the keys and, well, are tuned to something other than A 440?
It's like a flat A. I'm hearing this often these days. Did you tune here and then perform or did you pitch shift things after recording?

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Only a couple of weeks ago, I listened to 'Nothing compares' on YouTube, unaware that you're in da Kitchen too.
17.000 listens? Please tell us how you have done that. It's far more than the 11.500 I can boast of.
But apart from the numbers, needless to say I love it to pieces.

Don't keep us waiting so long again or I'll substract kudos. @Daud Aur Yahudy

Kind regards, Gus

Edit: Yes, it's simply beautiful!!!

This is great - nice style, harmony and vocals! 

So beautiful...wow. this is just beautiful, so calming, I'm going to go and listen to it again :) and again :)

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Stunning voice
Your whole approach reminds me of what I too easily forget.

Very interesting and unique. Soulful and foreboding.
Good stuff!
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