• New song "Love Spell" - questions about layering instruments?
  • Started by Kellyanneg
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@Bill from November Sound thank you! It is a different song, and I definitely get a variety of opinions on it! I just got my audacity book yesterday...looking forward to the journey! (I think lol)  :ok: ;D. @Mar T. That looks painful!!  >:D
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Hi @Kellyanneg , I agree with @Bill from November Sound that a DAW may change your life. Audacity is but one of them, but I hear Mackie is starting anew with an update of Tracktion. I used to use that a lot, and it is simple and great. You might want to try that. And there are many other great free ones.


I haven't used this new version yet, but it is free, and if it is anywhere as good as the previous versions, it will be a true gem. It will also have a set of in-built instruments on it that you won't have on your keyboard, but you can use your keyboard to play them. You DO need a PC or a mac though.

O, and I just listened to your song. It is a nice piece of work that will only increase in sound quality if you export its separate layerings from a Daw.
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I liked very much the balanced development of your song, so logical,  I liked also the lyrics, it's a style of always that I always like to hear.

The only thing I could suggest for your next recording is about the reverb, I would look for an equalization that would give less bass sound to your voice and to audio in general, if possible.

Anyway, it is an appreciation of mine that does not affect at all the result of your song.

Good job @Kellyanneg  ::thumb::
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@Mar T. That looks painful!!  >:D

What looks painful dear @Kellyanneg ?
I'm proud of this track, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/martimedia/dreams

You have s serious natural feel for this. The next step is to multi-track into a computer DAW where you can layer those tracks individually and really drill down on the  mix. Once you go down that rabbit hole.......you may never come back.  ;)

Nice song, btw. I love the native instruments feel of that drum.
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@Pleudoniem hello! Thank you for your kind words. The daw with built-in instruments would be something I would like to look into when I get to that stage. Thanks for the link! I'll check it out, for sure. One step at a time though...lots to learn! I have opened up my Audacity book and program, scribbling notes and folding pages as I go. I enjoy learning this stuff.  You all have been great guidance and motivators. Brewing coffee as I type ☕ :thumbsup: 

Good morning @Mora Amaro La Loba  :D (morning here) thank you for your listen and nice comment. I agree about the sound, and specifying what you think would help (less base, equalization etc) helps! I'm glad you like the lyrics. It was something different and fun to get lost in.  :D

@Mar T. The drink! :lol: :yes:

@Leonard Scaper I feel like I've been sitting on an old ship anchored down, watching the ocean I wish to be a part of. Every step closer I get to improving is so exciting for me...even figuring out how to use multiple instruments on my keyboard. Thank you for your supportive comments...they make me smile!! I have my Audacity book now and google is my side-kick. Looking for the rabbit hole!! Have a great day!! :pompom:

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If you start thinking about using things as 'filler' you're minimizing your song's potential affect. The choices matter and can send different messages to your listener. A good way to train your intuition for placing instruments is thinking decisively in terms of what each sound represents in relation to the words or how the sounds relate. Sometimes an instrument peaking out creates a really interesting moment, and you can play with the statement that the disappearance makes.

Keep experimenting. You're on the right track for sure

@Rewboat hello and thank you! Yes I believe experimenting, finding that desired energy and emotion or effect, will be the leading factor.  Thank you for your insight!  :D

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Hi @Kellyanneg - as with any rabbit hole be careful of too many rabbits. Always a potential problem. ;-)

A very nick track and as other have said, start a thread on songwriting ingredients to ask your production questions.

I do like the idea you are trying things out and as your production chops improve you will probably like certain stylistic things that gives you 'your  sound'. If you keep trying out different thingsit's surprising just what is possible.

It's always nice having somebody around who is finding their feet as it reminds other not to sit on their hands and to try out things for themselves too.

A nice piece of work

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@MrBouzouki  hello and thank you very much  ;D...I will be sure to throw my production questions into the ingredients pot as they rise, and they will! Yes I'm finding inspiration with these different sounds I'm discovering...so fun!! 

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@Mar T. The drink! :lol: :yes:
I offered you a drink in another thread @Kellyanneg ! Haha.. Lol!

@Mar T. Omg I need a manual for this website!! Lol!  :lol: :yes:

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