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Re: No One Looking Back
Reply #15 on: November 03, 2013, 16:05:46
Instantly, the descending fingerpicking and strings are fitting for the subject of this song.  In fact, I think that this is the strongest section of this song. such a sad topic with a great deal of thought devoted to the lyrics to communicate your ideas.  Both vocals compliment each other well.

I'd try to animate the production a little further - when the percussion is introduced, the song would benefit from a more prominent bass sound. 

Well done guys a very enjoyable listen for me!

Re: No One Looking Back
Reply #16 on: November 04, 2013, 00:17:52
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Thanks so much for all of your kind comments guys :)

I'm afraid I'm guilty of using too much harmony in my songs Hab...it's habit because I never feel my vocals on their own are that great and also in this particular song, it's just the way we've always sung it :) but I guess I could give it a try in the recording :)

You might be right about making the bass more predominant in the choruses WD, but we thought the bass might be a little too busy so I kept it lower in the mix....a friend of ours came up with this line, so it gets a little tricky asking him to change it  :-\
do you think the bass line sounds OK in the chorus?

thanks again everybody  :) :) CS

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Re: No One Looking Back
Reply #17 on: November 04, 2013, 19:15:34

 I've said this next door,

 but I feel inspired enough to say it again
 this song gets better and better the more I listen to it
 beautiful melody and vocals,

 a real treasure

 love the pic you have with it on SC,
 well done on this suzy,


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